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gmat geometry questions and answers pdf

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It helps you to stay sharp. Registered users receive a question by e-mail, free of cost. Detailed explanatory answers including video explanations for select questions and shortcut tips wherever applicable are also provided alongwith the correct answers to each question.

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Indrita Ganguly. When it comes to attempting the quant section in GMAT , most of the candidates become anxious especially the ones from a non-science background. But it must be noted that the GMAT quant section comprises high-school math concepts. To scale up the preparation process, the GMAT quant practice questions come in remedial. Whereas in GMAT Data Sufficiency , examiners test how well the candidate comes to a conclusion by using the data provided. It should be noted that GMAT is a computer-adaptive exam which means, the question type will change according to the accuracy of the answers. As we have already mentioned, the GMAT quant syllabus has been distributed primarily like a high school maths book.

The concepts tested include lines, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, coordinate geometry, solid geometry, finding the area, perimeter of two dimensional geometric shapes and surface area, volume, longest diagnal of solids including cones, cylinders, cube, rectangular cube, sphere, and hemisphere. Attempt these questions and check whether you have got the correct answer. If you could not get the answer, go to the explanatory answer or the video explanations wherever provided to learn how to solve the question. What is the shape of the quadrilateral? What is the area of an obtuse angled triangle whose two sides are 8 and 12 and the angle included between the two sides is o? What is the measure of the radius of the circle that circumscribes a triangle whose sides measure 9, 40 and 41? If the sum of the interior angles of a regular polygon measures o , how many sides does the polygon have?

GMAT - Geometry Problems and Questions with Answers

Most students, during their GMAT Quant preparation, would make mistakes without even recognizing them. You can correct those mistakes only if you are aware of them. We will also explain. We will use illustrative examples to make you aware of these pitfalls. We will also explain, how to avoid these pitfalls by refining your application of concepts. In this article, you will read about-. We will use 3 illustrative examples to help you understand the above-mentioned pitfalls.

Do you feel Geometry is your weak topic? You are not alone. Do read the first article click on the link below. Suppose you are given three lengths a, b, and c, and asked to find out if we can form a triangle using these three lengths. To determine if the three lengths will form a triangle or not, we need to know the most basic property of a triangle:. The three lengths 5, 3, and x are used to form a triangle.

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If o, find. None of these. A fly is trapped inside a hollow cube. It moves from A to B along the edges of the cube, taking the shortest possible route. It then comes back to A, again along the edges, taking the longest route without going over any point more than once.

GMAT Geometry problems test your spatial reasoning ability. If you answered no , well, have no fear! After reading this post, learning the fundamental geometry formulas , and working through these practice geometry questions, you will have the tools you need to succeed on test day!

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