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Magic, White and Black or the Science of Finate and Infinite Life

Sign up for e-mail alerts that will let you know when new issues are published. Want to meet some of the Forum authors in person? Interested in meeting other Forum readers? Watch for more information about TAT's meeting schedule and programs. Upon the dark paper, with seeming white lines, the Engineer created relationships between individual drawings, so that the mind of the robot would be entertained by illusory commensurateness, in a conceptual cosmos.

And the robot being commensurately constructed also vibrated agreeably with the cosmic design. But still the robot only manifested reaction. And so the Engineer endowed the robot with Visualization so that the robot could feel and conceive as well as react. And so, the robot saw motion in that which did not move, and began to love things which had no substance, and to develop reactions which it called thoughts, —and all of this seemed to function according to rules of commensurateness.

And being so immersed in his thoughts the robot did not realize that according to the rules of commensurateness that commensurateness applies only to relative experience, and that relative experience admits opposites in matters of reaction or direction. So that in choosing the realm of thought, and overlooking the possibility of No-thought, the robot passed by the door of the Absolute wherein thought is only a distraction. It is not a book of parlor tricks, or sensational sleight of hand.

It is not a book dedicated to the production of miracles or homunculi, nor to the casting of spells, communication with spirits or the souls of dead men, nor is it dedicated to the pursuit of selfish talismanic magic. This book has to do with wisdom. This is its first great value. The author courageously lays down certain truths without compromise and without any appeal to the reader for the reader's agreement.

The reader soon perceives that the author possesses a great mental quantum, or else might mistakenly judge the author to be a fanatic. The reader who has previously understood the concept of an illusory life and world, will eagerly read on, waiting for the real magic of additional revelations. This book has also to do with the magic which is often spelled as Magick. It gives the reader the priceless formula for mental power and spiritual achievement. The nebulous structures of the soul and mind created by guessing or blind belief are dissolved by the straightforward explanation of the relations between body and soul, between Essence and Essence-Projections which are largely illusions.

No publisher has ever manufactured this book believing it to be a best seller. It will always be chosen because it is one of the great books of all time, dedicated to Truth rather than to popularity and to Mankind rather than to fame or profit.

At the foot of the picture is a sleeping Sphinx, whose upper part representing the higher principles is human; while the lower parts symbolising the lower principles are of an animal nature. She is dreaming of the solution of the great problem of the construction of the Universe and of the nature and destiny of Man, and her dream takes the shape of the figure above here, representing the Macrocosm and the Microcosm and their mutual interaction.

Above, around, and within all, without beginning and without an end, penetrating and pervading all, from the endless and unimaginable periphery to the invisible and incomprehensible centre is Parabrahm, the unmanifested Absolute, the supreme source of every power that ever manifested or may in the future manifest itself as a "thing," and by whose activity the world was thrown into existence, being projected by the power of His own will and imagination.

The Omega and the Alpha in the centre represent the " Son, " the Absolute having become manifest as the Universal Logos or The Christ, also called Buddhi, or the sixth principle, the cause of the beginning and the end of every created thing. It is One with the " father, " being manifested as a Trinity in a Unity, the cause of what we call Space, Motion, and Substance. Its highest manifestation is Self-consciousness, by which it may come to the comprehension of Man.

The spiritual man whose matrix is his own physical body, draws his nutriment from this universal spiritual principle as the physical foetus is nourished by means of the womb of the mother, his soul being formed from the astral influences or the soul of the world. Out of the Universal Logos proceeds the " invisible Light " of the Spirit, the Truth, the Law, and the Life, embracing and penetrating the Cosmos and becoming manifest in the illuminated soul of Man, while the visible light of Nature is only its most material aspect or mode of manifestation, in the same sense as the visible sun is the reflex of its divine prototype, the invisible centre of power or the great spiritual Sun.

The circle with the twelve signs of the Zodiac, enclosing the space in which the planets belonging to our solar system are represented, symbolises the Cosmos, filled with the planetary influences pervading the Astral Light, and which are caused by the interaction of the astral emanations of the cosmic bodies and their inhabitants.

The activity in the Cosmos is represented by the interlaced triangle. The two outer ones represent the great powers of creation, preservation, and destruction, or Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva, acting upon the elements of Fire, Water, and Earth—that is to say, upon the original principles out of which ethereal, fluid and solid material substances and forms are produced. The two inner interlaced triangles refer more especially to the development of Man. The centre represents the divine Atma, being identical with the Universal Logos.

It is, like the latter, a Trinity in a Unity 1. It is the spiritual seed implanted in the soul of man, through whose growth immortal life is attained. It's light is the Rose of the Cross that is formed by Wisdom and Power. But below all is the realm of Illusion, of the most gross and heavy materialised thoughts, sinking into Darkness and Death, where they decompose and putrefy, and are resolved again into the elements out of which the Universe came into existence.

In response to an inquiry about the possible downside of what's generally thought of as success in life:. I see I created some ambiguity. I believe action is required. Inaction won't lead to any realization. But an aspect of the "razor's edge" is the ability to get lost in action. Every step one takes that starts with sincere motivation is subject to subversion if one doesn't combine with that a practice of self-examination.

Otherwise our motivations get hijacked by personality facets so gradually that we don't even notice. Sometimes it's hard to see what is really going on with someone solely by observing their actions. Who would have thought Jeff Tennant's fighting career encompassed his spiritual path. In fact I've met a few myself included whose "spiritual" activities were the means of escape from other courses of actions the world was presenting that were too frightening to face.

The word "earnestness" covers it. The action that results from long-term earnestness is not completely visible except in hindsight. Action has to be grounded in a daily remembrance—in silence—of self-inquiry.

Eventually the resulting mental vector becomes superimposed on the external swirl of events—those events of which even your self is a part. An accident needs to happen. Action makes you more accident prone. But the vector of one's attention has to be inward focused, with "hair trigger" sensitivity, so that the "affliction out of the blue" sets it in motion, when it is least expected, and without any intervention by you.

That's key. If you participate, you stop it. So effortlessness ultimately IS key—but it is the result of prior effort! The first piece of poetry I ever heard Rose read was "The Way" still one of my top favorites.

In the last paragraph he writes: "To avoid action, thou must first determine for great action. Silence has long been said to be a necessary component to any spiritual path, if not the goal itself. Much has been written of the Quiet, from its physical aspects, to using it as a symbol of the Void.

Let us take a look at this thing called silence, and see if we may come to a better understanding of it, perhaps even to see it as it is, in ourself.

Silence can be said to have four aspects, in that it provides the background for the manifestation of four functions of mind. The first is the silence of the physical world, the realm of the body and senses. The next two are the silence of our emotions, within the heart, and the silence of the mind, behind the realm of thought.

And finally, that of the spirit, the silence of awareness. As we come to know these aspects, we separate from the mind-function or foreground, and begin to travel within.

Each one will be more difficult to accept than the last. We may see we actually fear silence, as it threatens us in our very sense of being, or identification. But as each fear is overcome and a new level reached, we may come to know that the Peace that passeth all understanding is found not in noise, form, emotion, or even in disciplined thought, but in silence. The most common aspect of silence is its physical one, being the absence of physical sound.

We can easily see the value of this in our seeking. Having a quiet place to meditate and think is a necessity for us when starting out on the path. We can concentrate, remember our goals, and look inside without outer distraction as we begin the arduous task of coming to know ourselves. This silence can be increasingly hard to come by in this day and age, being bombarded with noise in the form of entertainment and distraction as well as from the environment. We have become a society which places value on constant noise, making us afraid of the quiet, perhaps without even knowing why.

Though this lack of environmental silence is prevalent, it is relatively easily dealt with compared with the mental and emotional aspects. To find a quiet place may take time and energy, but it does not require much in the way of facing ourselves, within.

While the silence of the outer world maybe threatening to some, it holds no place compared to the threat of the silence within. All miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.

Emotional silence is found by bringing our feelings into consciousness. The unconscious emotional turmoil many of us experience leaves us no peace inside, and no ability to use our feelings as a true guide. Being unquestioned, they take on a life of their own, to which we say "I," and never gain any resolution of them in the moment. These feelings may drive us relentlessly in circles, never allowing us peace, clarity, or the ability to hold to a steady purpose.

To find the goal or aim of our very life, the thing we came here for, is impossible without some level of silence within our heart. We may be desperately searching for something we have never defined, driven by anxieties of which we are mostly unconscious, and which serve no real need other than to tap our energy. Working our way back to a silent heart is a wondrous thing, indeed.

There we may find a goal we can live and die with. Many are the systems and methods designed to quieten the mind, to reach an inner silence. Why is this? We are told that a quiet mind is paramount in achieving liberation, but just how is this defined? Is it an absence of thought, or the absence of identification with thought? We may find that after training ourselves to "not think," that we have merely become good at holding the thought of "not thinking.

If we can find instead the true background silence behind the mind, then the thoughts may flow on without our being identified with them, enabling us to get a good look at them as they pass by. Thus we have become a silent observer of thought and mind, and taken a step farther within. By witnessing our thoughts, rather than trying to control them, we begin to notice the endless internal dialogue running in our heads.

Magic white and black

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Preface by the Author. Introduction: Spiritual Law in the Natural World. The meaning of "Magic" — The Life principle — Man's spiritual nature — Magicians and mediums — Man and the universe — The inner world — God, science, religion, superstition — Mystic and mysticism — Truth and fiction — The Bible allegories — Soul -knowledge and brain-speculation — Self-knowledge and theories — Realisation by experience — Selfishness — The false Egos — Elementals — Spiritual germs and their growth — Asceticism — Visionaries and dreamers — The wisdom religion — The "sons of darkness" and the "children of light" — Spiritual evolution. The Ideal. The ideal self — Realisation of ideals — Truth — Meditation — Prayer — God prays to himself — Interior revelation — The universal ideal — Christianity — Theosophists — Identity of revelations — Perception of truth — Self-control — Intuition and logical inferences — The Adepts — False science — Nature — Medicine of the future — Faith is spiritual knowledge — Mind-substance — Invisible beings — Object of life and its necessities — Alchemy.

Small bucket list book kikki k

It is to the language of Occultism what Webster or Murray. Ninety per cent of the Hebrew,. It went into dormancy after the G.

He wrote articles on yoga and popularized the subject within Germany. He has been described as "one of the most important theosophical writers of his time". He was at one time a co-worker of Helena Blavatsky at Adyar.

Magic, White and Black

The favor with which Magic has been received by those who are interested in the study of the hidden mysteries of Nature, made it expedient to publish a third edition of this book. From an insignificant pamphlet, written originally for the purpose of demonstrating to a few inexperienced inquirers, that the study of the occult side of nature was not identical with the vile practices of sorcery, Magic grew into a book of respectable dimensions, and now this new edition is to be still more enlarged, and I hope will also become still more useful. The most serious Objection which has been made against this book has been on account of its title; but the causes which induced me to select such a title were suggested by the purpose for which the book was intended; nor would I.

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Jacob Boehme, the great theosophist, says in regard to the study of Occultism: "If you desire to investigate the divine mysteries of nature, investigate first your own mind, and ask yourself about the purity of your purpose. Do you desire to put the good teachings which you may receive into practice for the benefit of humanity? Are you ready to renounce all selfish desires, which cloud your mind and hinder you to see the clear light of eternal truth? Are you willing to become an instrument for the manifestation of Divine Wisdom? Do you know what it means to become united with your own higher Self, to get rid of your lower Self, to become one with the living universal power of Good, and to die to your own insignificant terrestrial personality? Or do you merely desire to obtain great knowledge, so that your curiosity may be gratified, and that you may be proud of your science, and believe yourself to be superior to the rest of mankind?

Hartmann, Franz, Created / Published: New York, Theosophical society, Subject Headings: Occultism; Notes: Also available in digital form. Medium.

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Franz Hartmann

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Page INTRODUCTION. SPIRITUAL LAW IN THE NATURAL WORLD. The meaning of "Magic" – The Life principle – Man's spiritual nature -Magicians and.