Advantages And Disadvantages Of Arithmetic Mean Pdf

advantages and disadvantages of arithmetic mean pdf

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Mean is a concept used in the context of statistics, it is also known as the arithmetic mean. Arithmetic mean is sum total of numbers present in the collection divided by the number of numbers present in the collection. For example if there are 5 people whose weight are 30,40,50,60 and 70 pounds, now if one has to find the mean weight of this group than it will be calculated as sum total of weight of the group which is and then it will divide by the number of people which is 5 than the mean weight of this group will come to 50 pounds. In order to understand more about this concept one should look at the advantages and disadvantages of mean.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Arithmetic Mean

It can be easily calculated; and can be easily understood. It is the reason that it is the most used measure of central tendency. Fluctuations are minimum for this measure of central tendency when repeated samples are taken from one and the same population. It can further be subjected to algebraic treatment unlike other measures i. A single item can bring big change in the result. For example if there are three terms 4, 7, 10 ; X is 7 in this case. Its value will be effective only if the frequency is normally distributed.

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Arithmetic Average Advantages and Disadvantages

Arithmetic average, or arithmetic mean , or just mean , is probably the simplest tool in statistics, designed to measure central tendency in a data set which can be a group of stocks or returns of a stock in particular years. Using arithmetic average has advantages and disadvantages, and in some cases you may find other measures like geometric average or median more suitable. On this page:. As the most basic measure in statistics, arithmetic average is very easy to calculate. For a small data set, you can calculate the arithmetic mean quickly in your head or on a piece of paper. Here you can see the basics of arithmetic average calculation.

In statistics, a measure of central tendency is a single value or number that attempts to describe or represent a set of data by identifying the central position within that set of data. We are able to use a single value or number that attempts to describe or represent a set of data because most data tend to cluster around central points. For example: It would be difficult to tell how a class performed by looking at a long list of hundred scores. On the other hand, by applying the measures of central tendency — the mean, median or mode, we could get a typical or single number which would give us a better idea of the students performance. It would also help us compare this class with other classes. The average is another term for the mean — a measure of central tendency. Measures of central tendency are sometimes called measures of central location.

The important disadvantage of mean is that it is sensitive to [9] A weight wi is attached to each of the values xi to reflect this importance. It is defined as the arithmetic mean of the values taken on a log.

Merits of mean and Demerits

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Advantage 1: Fast and easy to calculate. Advantage 2: Easy to work with and use in further analysis. Disadvantage 1: Sensitive to extreme values. Disadvantage 2: Not suitable for time series type of data.

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How to Find the Mean · Arithmetic mean is simple to understand and easy to calculate. · It is rigidly defined. · It is suitable for further algebraic.

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The term "arithmetic mean" is preferred in some contexts in mathematics and statistics, because it helps distinguish it from other means , such as the geometric mean and the harmonic mean.