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[Steven S. Muchnick] Advanced Compiler Design And

Modern processors and systems are designed based on the assumption that a compiler will be able to effectively exploit architectural resources. This course will examine in detail techniques to exploit instruction level parallelism, memory hierarchy and higher level parallelism.

It will examine classic static analysis approaches to these problems and introduce newer feedback directed and dynamic approaches to optimisation. The course work will require students to implement selected optimisations in a research compiler. Context For 4th year students, Compiling Techniques is a pre-requisite. MSc students must have completed an introductory course in compilation or have written a compiler.

There will also likely be a worked example exam question session. Joshi, G. Nelson, K. Cooper, L. Allen K. Aho, R. Sethi, J. Muchnick, Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation, Morgan Kaufmann Lecture Notes Some slides may be for extra content, possibly examinable, but not covered in lectures. Video lectures on YouTube. Please note that the lectures do not cover the material in as much detail as the books.

You are expected to learn from the books. The lectures are to help with understanding and to give you an opportunity to ask questions. You should also read the papers indicated in the lectures. The lists below are approximate as we sometimes jump around a bit in the books.

There is a lot of reading required for this course - you have been warned! I make no apology for this because, even so, we only scratch the surface. Engineering a Compiler You are expected to read and learn the whole book Lecture 1 covers Chapters It is assumed that you already know these chapters from a previous course Lectures 3 and 4 cover Chapters Lecture 5 covers Chapter 11 Lecture 6 covers Chapter 12 Lecture 7 covers Chapter Optimizing Compilers for Modern Architectures You are already supposed to know the things in Chapter 1 from a previous course Lecture 8 covers Chapters 2 and 3 Lecture 9 covers Chapters Lecture 10 covers Chapter 2 Lecture 11 covers assorted topics in the first 6 chapters.

Misc Lectures 12 - 14 are not based on books. Appleton Tower.

Advanced compiler design and implementation

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This flowchart represents a recommended order for performing optim izations in an aggres sive optimizing compiler.

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Modern processors and systems are designed based on the assumption that a compiler will be able to effectively exploit architectural resources.



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