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cultural intelligence by p christopher earley and elaine mosakowski pdf

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Put an end to miscommunication and inefficiency—and tap into the strengths of your diverse team.

Cultural intelligence

Knowing what makes groups tick is as important as understanding individuals. Successful managers learn to cope with different national, corporate, and vocational cultures. Foreign cultures are everywhere—in other countries, certainly, but also in corporations, vocations, and regions. Interacting with individuals within them demands perceptiveness and adaptability. Cultural intelligence , or CQ , is the ability to make sense of unfamiliar contexts and then blend in. While it shares many of the properties of emotional intelligence, CQ goes one step further by equipping a person to distinguish behaviors produced by the culture in question from behaviors that are peculiar to particular individuals and those found in all human beings.

Cultural intelligence or cultural quotient CQ is a term used in business, education, government and academic research. Cultural intelligence can be understood as the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures, bearing similarity to the term cultural agility. Originally, the term cultural intelligence and the abbreviation "CQ" was developed by the research done by Christopher Earley and Earley and Soon Ang A few years later, Ang Soon and Linn Van Dyne [1] worked on a scale development of the CQ construct as a researched-based way of measuring and predicting intercultural performance. The term is relatively recent: early definitions and studies of the concepts were given by P. The concept is related to that of cross-cultural competence. Cultural intelligence or CQ is measured on a scale, similar to that used to measure an individual's intelligence quotient.

Cultural intelligence

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P. Christopher Earley; and; Elaine Mosakowski Cultural intelligence: an outsider's seemingly natural ability to interpret someone's unfamiliar and ambiguous.

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In an increasingly diverse business environment, managers must be able to navigate the thicket of habits, gestures, and assumptions that define their coworkers' differences. Foreign cultures are everywhere--in other countries, certainly, but also in corporations, vocations, and regions. Interacting with individuals within them demands perceptiveness and adaptability. And the people who have those traits in abundance aren't necessarily the ones who enjoy the greatest social success in familiar settings.

With the globalization of business, a relevant question is how might people deal with others from fundamentally different backgrounds cultural, ethnic, functional, etc. Earley, P. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Cultural intelligence.

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