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Due to the limited enclosed area, container ships with large openings in deck are subject to torsional failure as well as bending failure. Specifically, both moments contribute measurably to the ultimate strength in the scenario of ships travelling in oblique seas. This paper focuses on the ultimate strength of container ship subject to combined moments of bending and torsion, and the modelling scope is limited to the longitudinal structures between two adjacent frame girders to reduce the calculation cost. On the other hand, corrosion takes place in the life cycle of container ships, resulting in degradation of structural strength. Thus, corrosion effects with uncertainty on ultimate strength regarding to pure bending moments, pure torsional moments and combination of both are studied, which can be a useful reference for the scheduled maintenance of container ships.


Items in Shodhganga are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Shodhganga Mirror Site. Show full item record. Studies on bending torsion and combined bending and torsion on composite beams. Malathy R. The modern consumers needs and their expectations lead to gain more focus on construction sector to improve the infrastructure development.

Combined Bending and Torsion Lab report

In steel structures, the combination of both a bending moment and bimoment actions on I-beam members is possible in many cases. In the elastic stage of work, the material bearing capacity check is based on maximum normal stresses, which for symmetric I-beams are the sum of moment and bimoment stresses. The maximum stresses are compared with the calculated resistance. With the development of plastic strains, the bearing capacity of the section is higher than in the elastic stage. The article examines the combined effect of a bending moment and bimoment on I-beams. The paper presents recommendations to check the I-beam bearing capacity, taking into account the development of plastic deformations.

The strength of concrete in combined bending and torsion.

Log in Get Started. Download for free Report this document. Embed Size px x x x x B To analyze stresses at surface of shaft subjected to combined bending and twisting using strain gauge technique.

University of Surrey. Fisher, David. Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey United Kingdom.. The object of this work was to determine the strength of concrete by a series of tests on specimens subjected to a bending moment and a torque simultaneously, the main tests being supplemented by auxiliary control tests. It was early decided that no good purpose would be served unless the specimens were of a considerable size which involved the necessity for large quantities of hand-mixed concrete.

Shafts subjected to the simultaneous application of a bending moment M and a torque T the maximum shear stress set up in the shaft may be determined by the application of an equivalent torque of value Te acting alone. This arises in the service loading condition of marine propeller shafts, the direct thrust being the compressive reaction of the water on the propeller as the craft is pushed forward. This force then exists in combination with the torque carried by the shaft in doing the required work and any bending moments which exist by virtue of the self-weight of the shaft between bearings. The compressive stress d arising from the propeller reaction is thus superimposed on the bending stresses; on the compressive bending surface it will be additive to whilst B on thetensile surface it will effectively reduce the value of , se B.

Combined Stresses

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Components under Torsion and Combined Bending and Torsion

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Combined Torsion and Bending

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Shafts subjected to the simultaneous application of a bending moment M and a torque T the maximum shear stress set up in the shaft may be determined by the application of an equivalent torque of value Te acting alone.

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2 3 Atkin, J. M. and Karplus, Principle: Combined bending and torsion. Engage.

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