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lateral and vertical bubble coalescence pdf

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Published: 21.05.2021

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Ekambara, R.

Recent International Journal of Multiphase Flow Articles

The gravity-driven coalescence of 1- to 2-cm. The resulting coales- cence behavior can be correlated by a simple model which assumes that each bubble trails a wake, and that the bubble coalescing from below accelerates when i t enters the wake of the preceding bubble and thus overtakes the first bubble. The predic- tions of the model are not significantly altered by different assumed wake configurations. Bubble coalescence plays a significant role in determin- ing the bubble-sized distribution and interfacial area in all sorts of gas-liquid contacting devices, and plays a domi- nant role in gas-liquid separating equipment. In a typical gas-sparged contactor or reactor, coalescence i s detrimen- tal because i t decreases the surface area of the bubbles; in a separator it i s desirable because it increases the s ize and hence the rise velocity of the bubbles.

Radial Bubble Distribution in a Fluidized Bed with Vertical Tubes

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Request PDF | Coalescence and rising behavior of co-axial and lateral Details of co-axial bubble (or a pair of bubbles rising in a vertical line).

Visualization Experiment of Bubble Coalescence in a Narrow Vertical Rectangular Channel

Visualization experiments were carried out and sliding bubble coalescence behaviors were observed for subcooled flow boiling in a narrow rectangular channel. The results show that the consecutive coalescence process is composed of four steps based on the bubble morphological change: approaching, merging, adjustment, and stabilization, in which the more important are the merging and adjustment of the bubble. Bubble always slides along the heating surface and does not lift off in coalescence process. Bubble diameter and sliding velocity increase first, then decrease and finally stabilize.

Nature of meniscus for liquid of 0^(@) angle of contact

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Sep 19, - Measurements are taken for Geldart B particles at two bed heights, three gas velocities, and three vertical tube bank configurations. Download PDF. Recommend Documents. Bubble Characterization in a Fluidized Bed with Vertical Tubes Mar 6, - In this study, the influence of vertical tube banks on the axial bubble growth in a

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Ekambara, ekambara gmail. Ekambara et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Modelling of gas-liquid bubbly flows is achieved by coupling a population balance equation with the three-dimensional, two-fluid, hydrodynamic model.

Katz, J. ASME Press, Acoustically driven microbubbles find numerous applications in the biomedical field targeted drug delivery or blood-brain barrier opening for instance and in engineering surface cleaning or sonochemistry. In most cases only spherically oscillating bubbles are considered in these techniques. However, bubbles exhibiting surface modes can lead to additional effects enhanced micromixing amongst others , and are scarcely investigated mainly due to positional and growing surface instabilities.

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PDF | Visualization experiments were carried out and sliding bubble coalescence the heating surface; (3) horizontal bubble coalescence near the heating surface. into three types including vertical coalescence, horizontal.

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