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Sociolinguists study the relationship between language and society. Sociolinguistics is a loose grouping of several related disciplines.

Sociology of language

Language is one of the most powerful emblems of social behavior. In the normal transfer of information through language, we use language to send vital social messages about who we are, where we come from, and who we associate with. It is often shocking to realize how extensively we may judge a person's background, character, and intentions based simply upon the person's language, dialect, or, in some instances, even the choice of a single word. Given the social role of language, it stands to reason that one strand of language study should concentrate on the role of language in society. Sociolinguistics has become an increasingly important and popular field of study, as certain cultures around the world expand their communication base and intergroup and interpersonal relations take on escalating significance. The basic notion underlying sociolinguistics is quite simple: Language use symbolically represents fundamental dimensions of social behavior and human interaction. The notion is simple, but the ways in which language reflects behavior can often be complex and subtle.

The key difference between sociolinguistics and sociology of language is that the focus of sociolinguistics is language whereas the focus of sociology of language is society. Sociolinguistics and sociology of language are two closely related fields that study the interaction between society and language. However, these two fields are not the same. Sociolinguistics basically studies how social factors affect language whereas sociology of language studies the relationship between society and language. Thus, there is a distinctive difference between sociolinguistics and sociology of language.

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Difference Between Sociolinguistics and Sociology of Language

Sociology of language is the study of the relations between language and society. One of its longest and most prolific proponents was Joshua Fishman , who was founding editor of the International Journal of the Sociology of Language , in addition to other major contributions. The sociology of language studies society in relation to language, whereas Sociolinguistics studies language in relation to society. For the former, society is the object of study, whereas, for the latter, language is the object of study. In other words, sociolinguistics studies language and how it varies based on the user's sociological background, such as gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic class. These attitudes of the speakers are the sociologist's information. Sociology of language seeks to understand the way that social dynamics are affected by individual and group language use.

This is a definitive introductory text to modern sociolinguistics that looks at the study of language and society through the concept of identity. It uses these sociolinguistic constructs of identity to tie together current concepts and methods in the field, offering a full overview of the discipline, both past and present. Deckert and Vickers adopt an interdisciplinary approach, introducing work from a variety of fields that examine sociolinguistic data, from linguistics to anthropology, sociology, psychology and education. The book moves from looking at language varieties and globalization to a close examination of language in social interaction, covering the concepts of ideology and power. Throughout, the authors offer keen insight into all of the topics, issues and methods that students of language and society will need to understand.

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Descriptive sociology of language (or descriptive sociolinguistics) is concerned with describing the social patterns of language use and of behavior towards.

An Introduction to Sociolinguistics

The subsequent decade has seen a great deal of activity. There have been general symposia; symposia on major topics; notable major research efforts; the launching of series of working papers; books of readings, increasingly specific to the field; textbooks; even a series of collected papers of middle-aged men who find themselves senior scholars; and journals. Where do we stand? How far have we progressed?

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The Scope of Sociolinguistics

This chapter introduces this volume on sociolinguistics, noting how this study differs from existing work. It considers sociolinguistics as an interdisciplinary exercise, emphasizing new methodological developments, particularly the convergence of linguistic anthropology and variationist sociolinguistics. The volume cites sociolinguistic developments in areas of the world that have been relatively neglected in the major journals. While many authors include examples from English, contributors have worked in a range of languages and address sociolinguistic issues in bi- and multilingual contexts.

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The Study of Language and Society

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Brazilian sociolinguistics'bias towards the use of quantitative approaches. Sociological interpretation to Brazilian sociolinguistic analysis on race, class. and nation.