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The factors regulating the growth and development of mesenchymal precursor cells toward chondrogenesis are not well identified. We have developed a defined serum-free culture system that allows the proliferation of chick embryo chondrogenic cells and their maturation toward hypertrophic chondrocytes. Proliferation is obtained in adhesion in medium supplemented with insulin Ins , Dexamethasone Dex , and either basic fibroblast growth factor FGF-2 , platelet-derived growth factor bb, epithelial growth factor, or GH; the highest mitogenic response is induced by FGF-2 in synergy with Ins. Ins can be substituted by Ins-like growth factor I.

Cell fate determination

Taichman, Stephen G. Emerson; Osteoblasts support B-lymphocyte commitment and differentiation from hematopoietic stem cells. Blood ; 9 : — Early B lymphopoiesis in mammals is induced within the bone marrow BM microenvironment, but which cells constitute this niche is not known. Previous studies had shown that osteoblasts OBs support hematopoietic stem cell HSC proliferation and myeloid differentiation. We now find that purified primary murine OBs also support the differentiation of primitive hematopoietic stem cells through lymphoid commitment and subsequent differentiation to all stages of B-cell precursors and mature B cells. Addition of cytokines produced by nonosteoblastic stromal cells c-Kit ligand, IL-6, and IL-3 shifted the cultures toward myelopoiesis.

Embryonic stem cell differentiation: emergence of a new era in biology and medicine

Cellular differentiation is the process in which a cell changes from one cell type to another. Differentiation occurs numerous times during the development of a multicellular organism as it changes from a simple zygote to a complex system of tissues and cell types. Differentiation continues in adulthood as adult stem cells divide and create fully differentiated daughter cells during tissue repair and during normal cell turnover. Some differentiation occurs in response to antigen exposure. Differentiation dramatically changes a cell's size, shape, membrane potential , metabolic activity , and responsiveness to signals.

Along with the capacity to induce genetic modifications, ES cells provided the basis for establishing an in vitro model of early mammalian development and represented a putative new source of differentiated cell types for cell replacement therapy. While ES cells have been used extensively for creating mouse mutants for more than a decade, their application as a model for developmental biology has been limited and their use in cell replacement therapy remains a goal for many in the field. Recent advances in our understanding of ES cell differentiation, detailed in this review, have provided new insights essential for establishing ES cell-based developmental models and for the generation of clinically relevant populations for cell therapy. Embryonic stem ES cells are pluripotent cells derived from the inner cell mass of blastocyst-stage embryos Evans and Kaufman ; Martin Their importance to modern biology and medicine derives from two unique characteristics that distinguish them from all other organ-specific stem cells identified to date. First, they can be maintained and expanded as pure populations of undifferentiated cells for extended periods of time, possibly indefinitely, in culture. Unlike transformed tumor cell lines, ES cells can retain normal karyotypes following extensive passaging in culture.

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Cellular differentiation

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Within the field of developmental biology , one goal is to understand how a particular cell develops into a final cell type, known as fate determination. Within an embryo, several processes play out at the cellular and tissue level to create an organism. These processes include cell proliferation , differentiation , cellular movement [1] and programmed cell death. Almost all animals undergo a similar sequence of events during very early development, a conserved process known as embryogenesis.

These Key-Notes aim to provide the students with a summary of some basic concepts of developmental biology that are fundamental to approach the study of nervous system development. Development is a gradual process by which a complex multicellular organism arises from a single cell the zygote. It involves 5 major overlapping processes:. On the other hand, if development was controlled exclusively by inductive signals, the fate of every cell would depend mostly on its position in the embryo. The development of most organisms involves a combination of both mechanisms.

Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article. Help expand a public dataset of research that support the SDGs. Differentiation is a multidisciplinary journal dealing with topics relating to cell differentiation, development, cellular structure and function, and cancer. Differentiation of eukaryotes at the molecular level and the use of transgenic and targeted mutagenesis approaches to problems of differentiation Differentiation of eukaryotes at the molecular level and the use of transgenic and targeted mutagenesis approaches to problems of differentiation are of particular interest to the journal.

Cell commitment and differentiation


Cell differentiation may simply be described as the process through which a young and immature cell evolves in to a specialized cell, reaching its mature form and function. For such unicellular organisms like bacteria , various life functions occur within a single cell. That is, such processes as the transport of molecules, metabolism and reproduction all take place within a single cell given that they are single celled. However, multicellular organisms require different types of cells for these processes to be possible. Here, different types of cells play a specific function given that they have varied structures.

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Key-Notes: basic concepts in Developmental Biology

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Over the course of embryonic development, cells within the developing organ of Corti become committed to develop as each of the unique cell.