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Sylvia Beach

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So embarrassed. But I was mortified. KW: You have a background in theatre? Her sister Cyprian acted in silent films, and they shared a theatrical sense of life. The interior of Shakespeare and Company was arranged like a stage set. Beach knew how to create an ambiance. But Sylvia Beach is the principal character. In , she met the dancer Loie Fuller, who gave her a ticket to see her famous radium dance at the Moulin Rouge.

Beach even costumed herself to sell books. She had these little Wildean velvet blazers made for herself, you know: in the pictures you can see her wearing them, along with decadent s ties. SW: The impression that I get of her bookshop and certainly of ours as well , and what we have in many good, quirky independent bookshops is very much a theatrical atmosphere, because the type of people that come in are so extraordinary.

Bibliophiles are such interesting people, and often quite eccentric— you get this real array, an extraordinary collection of characters. It seems that Shakespeare and Company was one of these places. She loved spending time amidst the acrobats and theatre folk.

She was drawn to that carnival world, and so was Adrienne Monnier, who wrote beautiful essays about circus and cabaret. Her attraction to the theatre led Beach to value people as characters, rather than judging them according to their social status.

Life aboard ship. And these roles would be taken by different people every now and then, someone would leave and then someone else would become house mother! Like a cast of characters. Especially the writers who would hang out in the shop. How could you? KW: I agree. Understanding the motive for her all-consuming dedication to Joyce.

I think maybe because they were written on the fly, and were addressed to particular people. The tone is more insouciant than the one we find in her memoir Shakespeare and Company. But even when I was re-reading the memoirs this week, I was struck by how well- written, how entertaining they are.

She solves the problem of writing about this big cast of characters by giving everyone a little section of their own. She figured out how to write about this cast of characters. She gave us some of the most vivid anecdotes we have about Joyce. I love her stories about how he was afraid of dogs and would cower during thunderstorms. SW: She seems to pick a very simple moment with someone that gives us a really good understanding of that person.

He takes out a pen and paper to note it down, and it makes her sad to see him holding the book so close to his eyes, because of his failing vision. She liked him very much but worried about the way he squandered his talent. But you always do seem to found a new settlement wherever you go. And bars soon spring up. Anyhow Paris has never been as much fun as when you were here. I had this idea of Sylvia Beach as this forceful woman with a vision, but the letters reveal something quite different.

SW: I think a lot of people have that idea of her. She gives this impression of having done so much, and you just never imagine any moment of weakness starting out, because she accomplished so much.

LE: Yes, and the letters really highlight what a collaborative effort her bookshop was. So I thought I would ask Keri to talk about the role of the network for Sylvia and her cast of characters, and Sylvia, if you could talk about how that collaborative idea comes into play at the present-day Shakespeare and Company?

Her bookstore was built on family and friendships rather than on any kind of business model. One thing her letters reveal is just how charming and witty Beach really was. Sometimes I think that in the biographies of other people, Beach tends to come across as this kind of hardworking, administrative schoolmarm or something. She led with personality and vision. Sylvia Beach was very gracious, always looking to credit other people for their role in her successes.

Sometimes that gets lost in literary biographies, because great writers tend to be megalomaniacs. She was always writing thank you letters to people, and making everyone feel part of the enterprise, and being very diplomatic, and coaxing people into things; I think of her primarily as someone with extraordinary social skills. She listened to people and took care of them. The person she owed most to, I think, was Adrienne Monnier.

She helped her navigate the red tape of doing business in a foreign country, and taught her how to run a bookstore, and advised her about publishing and translating. LE: It gives us a new way of thinking about the relationships between these writers.

These terms came much later, and were projected onto the past. KW: [to SW] And so what do you have to say about teamwork in your shop? Particularly in France, which is quite a bureaucratic country as we know, I think it must be such a headache to start something up. You really would have to rely on someone like Adrienne Monnier for advice. So I often reflect on that, on how difficult it must have been for her, or even for George [Whitman] to start up.

I definitely think that in the bookshop where it is very much a community, you have to have a small community of people who are running it. They do tend to be very dedicated.

There are just so few places in the world like that, but this place has that feeling, that lovers of books are here because they want to talk about them. I just fell into the trap! But we have to continue what Sylvia Beach did, which is to think that the next James Joyce could be coming in from anywhere, not necessarily from an Ivy League school or from Oxbridge. You have to look at everyone as a potential talent, or a potential reader.

And remembering that, and having faith in the world, so few of these spaces exist. I was at another one recently, the Brecht Center in New York.

And I also love Bluestockings bookstore in New York. These kinds of intellectual spaces are unusual. Writers have this god-like status here. SW: Yes! Beach wrote to Harriet Weaver that French writers embraced Joyce with open arms, and he never felt that he could get that kind of reception in Ireland.

SW: They do! LE: They sit the writer down at a table with a stack of books and people queue up. LE: Yeah, exactly. It looks great, especially the cover.

KW: Very stylish. Are you doing another edition? SW: Fatema Ahmed, who was at Granta for 10 years. I kept thinking like a business person, wishing she would take advantage of the momentum she had created. I think the book just put her off. LE [to SW]: So then what was the impulse to do a literary journal? The only reason he published Howl is because Ginsberg read in the bookshop and people went wild. The books are being made to order as you buy them!

KW: There are few enough places like this that could introduce a writer to the world, and the world would listen. SW: I call them the Troubleweeds, when they get drunk. SW: To me it feels totally the normal way to do it. KW: If you wanted to go on with the revue it seems like that could be one of its unique strengths.

The internet, and our different attitude toward traveling— those things have really transformed the way we think about movement, and where people physically are. And he would do that now.

Ulysses (1922)

Sylvia Beach March 14, — October 5, , born Nancy Woodbridge Beach , was an American-born bookseller and publisher who lived most of her life in Paris , where she was one of the leading expatriate figures between World War I and II. She is known for her Paris bookstore, Shakespeare and Company , where she published James Joyce 's controversial book, Ulysses , and encouraged the publication and sold copies of Hemingway's first book, Three Stories and Ten Poems She had an older sister, Holly, and a younger sister, Cyprian. Her maternal grandparents were missionaries to India, and her father, a Presbyterian minister, was descended from several generations of clergymen. When the girls were young the family lived in Baltimore and in Bridgeton, New Jersey. Then in , the family moved to France upon Sylvester Beach's appointment as assistant minister of the American Church in Paris and director of the American student center. Beach spent the years — in Paris, returning to New Jersey in when her father became minister of the First Presbyterian Church of Princeton.

Shakespeare and Company is a legendary bookstore located in the heart of Paris. These records detail the books and literature that some of the most legendary authors themselves borrowed from the this iconic bookstore. This is such a unique window into the minds of some of the most influential people of that era and history and the types of literary work that influenced them. It is as well a view into a diverse cross section of individuals from around the world who were members of the Shakespeare Lending Library, many whom were not as famous. Not only can you see what books and literature they checked out of Shakespeare, but it also details where the thousands of members lived over the years that they were part of the Lending Library membership rolls. It details when he was a member off and on between and

"In Sylvia Beach "opened an American bookshop in Paris called Shakespeare and Company. During the following two decades it became practically a.

Shakespeare and Company.

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Shakespeare and Company, Sylvia Beach's bookshop and lending library, had always been a "problematic little business," but in , with the world turning its attention to war, staying open was becoming impossible. Most American expats had returned home, and many French citizens were unemployed, leaving few in Paris with spare money for books from English and American publishers. With the economy in a shambles—the value of the franc plummeted and inflation skyrocketed—store sales slowed to a trickle.

The Missouri Review

In this first collection of her letters, we witness Beach's day-to-day dealings as bookseller and publisher to expatriate Paris. As a librarian, publicist, publisher, and translator, Beach carved out a unique space for herself in English and French letters. She negotiated with Marianne Moore to place Joyce's work in The Dial, she battled the piracy of Ulysses in the United States, and she struggled to keep Shakespeare and Company afloat during the Depression.

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Shakespeare and Company

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