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neo colonialism neoliberalism and gentrification pdf

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Published: 19.05.2021

Neoliberalism or neo-liberalism [1] is the 20th-century resurgence of 19th-century ideas associated with economic liberalism and free-market capitalism.

Local development versus neoliberal globalization project: reflecting on market-oriented cities. The purpose of this article is to discuss what has being disseminated and reproduced as local development, seeking to understand the problems arising from this phenomenon, particularly highlighting the promotion of market-oriented cities. As contributions, we highlight the engagement with de-coloniality to treat temporal and geo-epistemic gaps of the Polanyian thesis. In addition, it is possible to identify that the Polanyian counter-movement depends on the actions of several social actors, with emphasis on societies and governments, through public policies. The advance of the process of industrialization and social commodification, especially under the aegis of neoliberal globalization project, has created an illusory image of the development concept, associated primarily with the strong reputation of social improvement through the generation of decent jobs and income.

Planetary gentrification and urban (re)development

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E-mail: georgia. E-mail: s. The global political economy of the twenty-first century is everywhere confronted with "the emergence of new logics of expulsion" 1. Latin America is, of course, no stranger to the logics of expulsion, its history replete with episodes of violent dislocation and dispossession of indigenous populations that were the sine qua non of European colonisation and post-colonial capitalist development 5. Over the past three decades, however, Latin American cities have experienced their own new logics of expulsion imbricated in the restructuring of urban space.

Neoliberal policies have required a new way to envision urban areas. Municipalities try to bolster their image in order to attract new capital, which entails getting rid of the undesirables the homeless and other people perceived as problems who tarnish the image of their public spaces. This article explores the socio-political impacts of the Safer Cities Initiative, a zero tolerance policy program initiated by the city of Los Angeles in Camping was deemed illegal and homeless people were banned from the streets, jeopardizing civil liberties and questioning the right to be different. Drawing on first-hand interviews and reports, this article shows that this type of program represents a discriminatory and ineffective approach to poverty. It not only fails to fight serious and violent crimes, but also reinforces the processes through which neoliberalism exacerbates social differences and criminalizes poverty.

an$understanding$of$gentrification$as$a$neoliberal$urban$strategy.$​Subsequently$I$ new neoliberal paradigm, buttressed by the myth of trickle down prosperity, the “freedom” of businesses form!hipster!imperialism.!In!a!​recent!

It is increasingly argued that gentrification is incorporated into public policy and the by-product of a range of contemporary neoliberal urban development policies intent on attracting investment capital. However, gentrification can also be the unintended outcome of well-meaning urban policy frameworks, such as urban densification, inner-city regeneration and urban heritage conservation but with arguably negative consequences. Focusing on Cape Town, the argument of this paper is that one of the outcomes of a neoliberalist approach to urban regeneration in the city centre is the impact it has on conserving the living and built environment heritage of the historic Bo-Kaap district. The last remaining inner-city neighbourhood that has not yet gentrified appears to be succumbing to this process.

Gentrification is no-longer, if it ever was, a small scale process of urban transformation. Gentrification globally is more often practised as large scale urban redevelopment. It is state-led or state-induced. The results are clear — the displacement and disenfranchisement of low income groups in favour of wealthier in-movers. So, why has gentrification come to dominate policy making worldwide and what can be done about it? In this paper I argue that gentrification is no-longer, if it ever was, a small scale process of urban transformation. Gentrification globally is more often than not practised as large scale urban redevelopment.

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Keywords: Neoliberalization, Shrinking Cities, gentrification, urban policies which is related to a form of cultural imperialism, glosses over the economic and,

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