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Precision and accuracy are terms used to describe systems and methods that measure, estimate, or predict. In all these cases, there is some parameter you wish to know the value of.

Science is based on observation and experiment—that is, on measurements. Accuracy is how close a measurement is to the correct value for that measurement. For example, let us say that you are measuring the length of standard computer paper.

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Accuracy refers to the closeness of a measured value to a standard or known value. For example, if in lab you obtain a weight measurement of 3. In this case, your measurement is not close to the known value. Precision refers to the closeness of two or more measurements to each other. Using the example above, if you weigh a given substance five times, and get 3.

Floating-point arithmetic

In computing , floating-point arithmetic FP is arithmetic using formulaic representation of real numbers as an approximation to support a trade-off between range and precision. For this reason, floating-point computation is often used in systems with very small and very large real numbers that require fast processing times. In general, a floating-point number is represented approximately with a fixed number of significant digits the significand and scaled using an exponent in some fixed base; the base for the scaling is normally two, ten, or sixteen. A number that can be represented exactly is of the following form:. For example:.

When scoping a project, you want to be as close to the actual workload as possible. Accuracy and precision are used in the context of measurement, e. Accuracy and precision are alike only in the fact that they both refer to the quality of measurement, but they are very different indicators of measurement. If a measurement is accurate, it means that it agrees closely with the accepted standard for that measurement. For example, if we estimate a project's size to x and the actual size of the finished project is equal to or very close to x, then it is accurate, but it might not be precise. The closer a system's measurements to the accepted value, the more accurate the system is considered to be.

1 Common definition. Probability density. Accuracy. Precision. Value. Reference [9] [10] Brodersen, K.H.​.

What Is the Difference Between Accuracy and Precision?

Accuracy is obtained by taking small readings. Note: You should also refer to my other articles on difference between similar Project Management Terms. In other words, the closeness of the measured value to a standard or true value. The first distinction is between Accuracy and Precision. Precision These terms are often used interchangeably, but in fact they mean different things.

3.12: Accuracy and Precision

Accuracy and precision are two important factors to consider when taking data measurements. Both accuracy and precision reflect how close a measurement is to an actual value, but accuracy reflects how close a measurement is to a known or accepted value, while precision reflects how reproducible measurements are, even if they are far from the accepted value. You can think of accuracy and precision in terms of hitting a bull's-eye.

Accuracy and Precision of a Measurement

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