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cellular mobile communication interview questions and answers pdf

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A cell Site. UNIT 1. These short solved questions or quizzes are provided by Gkseries.

To be conservative, we may use the shortest distance. Explain the concept of frequency reuse channels.

Mobile Communication 2-MARK Questions and Answers

UNIT-I 1. Why are electromagnetic waves with very low frequency not used for data transmission in computer networks? Low frequency has longer wavelength Data rates depends upon the bandwidth 2. Differentiate hard and soft handoff? Hard hand off Existing connection must be broken before a new connection is established There is a short break in transmission which can be noticed by the user Soft hand off A new connection is established before the old one is released 3.

How are guard spaces realized between users in CDMA? The guard space between a pair of users in CDMA systems is the orthogonality between their spreading codes. The lower the correlation between any pair of spreading codes is, the better is the user separation.

What are the benefits of reservation schemes? No other station is allowed to transmit during that slot Avoidance of congestion Waiting time is clearly known 5. Define a cell. In mobile communication, the coverage area is divided into smaller areas which are each served by its own base station. These smaller areas are called cells.

What is frequency reuse? Spatially reusing the available spectrum so that the same spectrum can support multiple users separated by a distance is called frequency reuse. Mention the various multiple access schemes used in wireless communication. What is co-channel interference? Interference between signals from co channels are termed as co channel interference 9. What is adjacent channel interference? Interference resulting from signals which are adjacent in frequency to the desired signal is called adjacent channel interference.

Mention the different types of cells. Femto cells, pico cells, micro cells, macro cells and mega cells. What is a picocell? Small cells inside a building that support local indoor networks such as wireless LANs. Size of these cells are in the range of few tens of meters. What is cellular topology? Cellular topology refers to infrastructure topology employing frequency reuse concept. What are the various channel allocation techniques used in cellular communication? Fixed Channel Allocation, dynamic channel allocation and hybrid channel allocation.

What is a cluster? The N cells which collectively use the complete set of available frequencies is called a cluster. What are the technical issues in planning of a cellular network? Selection of frequency reuse pattern for different radio transmission techniques Physical deployment and radio coverage modelling Plans to account for the growth of the network Analysis of the relationship between the capacity, cell size and the cost of infrastructure What is cell splitting?

This is the process of subdividing a congested cell into smaller cells, each with its own base station and a corresponding reduction in antenna height and transmitter power. Cell splitting. What is cell sectoring? The co channel interference in a cellular system may be decreased by replacing a single omni directional antenna at the base station by several directional antennas, each radiating within a specified sector.

By using directional antennas, a given cell will receive interference and transmit with only a fraction of the available co channel cells. This technique for reducing co channel interference and thus increasing system performance by using directional antennas is called sectoring.

What is a page? It is a brief message which is broadcast over the entire service area, usually in a simulcast fashion by many base stations at the same time. What are the channels used in mobile communication systems? What are the basic units of a Cellular system? What are the limitations of conventional mobile telephone system? Limited service capability Poor service performance Inefficient frequency spectrum utilization What are the disadvantages of cellular systems with small cells?

Requires complex infrastructure Requires frequent hand-over. Is IEEE The laptop has an internal wireless card so it can be connected to wireless routers. No need to have an Ethernet cable to connect to the web. What are the various types of wireless network topologies? Infrastructure network topology and ad hoc topology. What are the classifications of Wireless technologies and systems?

Define BCA. Borrowing Channel Allocation is a method by which more frequencies are allotted dynamically for high traffic cells. Why MHz frequency is selected for mobiles? So MHz is chosen for mobile communication.

Mention the function of the base station. The base station serves as a bridge between all mobile users in the cell and connects the simultaneous mobile calls via telephone lines or microwave links to the mobile switching center MSC 7. What are the functions of MSC?

Define foot print. The actual radio coverage of a cell is known as the foot print. It is determined from field measurements or propagation prediction models. Mention the basic propagation mechanisms, which impact propagation in mobile communication. The basic propagation mechanisms are, Reflection Diffraction Scattering What is reflection? Reflection occurs when a propagating electromagnetic wave impinges upon an object, which has very large dimension when compared to the wavelength of propagating wave.

What is diffraction? Diffraction occurs when the radio path between the transmitter and receiver is obstructed by a surface that has sharp irregularities. What is scattering? Scattering occurs when the medium through which the wave travels consists of objects with dimensions that are small compared to the wavelength and where the number of obstacles per unit volume is large.

What are the principles of Cellular Architecture? State the expression used to locate co channel cells.

Define co channel cells. The cells that operate with the same set of frequencies are referred as co channel cells. Write some features of TDMA? In TDMA , no. Write some features of CDMA? What is near-far effect in wireless network? When used with FM or spread spectrum modulation, it is possible for the strongest user to successfully capture the intended receiver , even when many users are also transmitting.

If the closest transmitter is able to capture a receiver because of small propagation path loss, it is called as near far effect in wireless network What is the primary goal of IEE The primary goal of the standard was the specification of a simple, robust, WLAN which offers time bounded and asynchronous services also it should be able to operate with multiple physical layers.

What are Advantages of wireless LAN? Global Operation Low Power License-free Operation Robust transmission technology Simplified spontaneous co-operation Easy to use protection of investment Safety and Security Transparency for application.

What is mobility management? Mobility management refers to the operations required for tracking the mobile and restructuring existing connections as it moves. Mobility management consists of Location management and Handoff management 2. Define location management and handoff management. Location management refers to the activities a wireless network should perform in order to keep track of where the mobile is.

Handoff management handles the messages required to make the changes in the fixed network to handle the change in location during a ongoing communication. What is meant by GPRS? General packet radio services, a technology for radio transmission of small packets of data, esp. What do you meant by roaming?.

Extending of connectivity service in a location that is different from the home location where the service was registered. Roaming ensures that the wireless device is kept connected to the network, without losing the connection.

What are types of Handover? What are subsystems in GSM system?

Wireless Communication interview questions

Wireless Communication frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Wireless communication. These interview questions and answers on Wireless Communication will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the interviews and quickly revise the concepts. So get preparation for the Wireless Communication job interview. The following are the disadvantages of Symmetric Cryptosystems: - Key transportation is one disadvantage of Symmetric Cryptosystems. From the sending system to the receiving system the secret key is to be transmitted before the actual message transmission.

Test Your Communication Skills Knowledge. True or false? Prepared by A. Enter your email address to subscribe this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For Offline Study you can Download pdf file from below link For your communications to be successful you need to be confident, clear and know how to generate a rapport with your audience.

Discuss the concept of frequency management concern to the numbering the channels and grouping into the subset. Frequency Management: The function of frequency management is to divide the total number of available channels into subsets which can be assigned to each cell either in a fixed fashion or dynamically i. The terms frequency management and channel assignment often create some confusion. Frequency management refers to designating setup channels and voice channels done by the FCC , numbering the channels done by the FCC , and grouping the voice channels into subsets done by each system according to its preference. Channel assignment refers to the allocation of specific channels to cell sites and mobile units. A fixed channel set consisting of one more subsets is assigned to a cell site on a long-term basis. During a call, a particular channel is assigned to a mobile unit on a short- term basis.

This Article Discusses an Overview of Wireless Communication Interview Questions and Answers for Electronics & Communication Students.

Wireless Communication Interview Questions & Answers

UNIT-I 1. Why are electromagnetic waves with very low frequency not used for data transmission in computer networks? Low frequency has longer wavelength Data rates depends upon the bandwidth 2. Differentiate hard and soft handoff? Hard hand off Existing connection must be broken before a new connection is established There is a short break in transmission which can be noticed by the user Soft hand off A new connection is established before the old one is released 3.

Short Messaging Service c. None of the above. Objective Questions and Answers on Mobile Communication.

Wireless communication can be defined as; it is the connection as well as communication between several devices using wireless signals. Wireless communications are different types which include satellite, Wi-Fi, mobile, and IR. The following wireless communication Interview Questions with answers are very helpful for electronics and communication students to clear the technical round in an interview. The wireless communication interview questions are collected from different fields of wireless technologies.

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Ques 1. What is wireless communication concept? Answer 1. Wireless communication is the transfer of information between two or more points that are not connected by any physical medium.

How frequency hopping is used for security in Bluetooth? Blue tooth technology uses Adaptive Frequency Hopping and capable to reduce interference between wireless technologies with the help of 2. In order to take the advantage of the available frequency, Blue tooth's AFH works within the spectrum and is performed by the technology detecting other devices in the spectrum and avoiding the used frequencies.

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Cellular Mobile Communication Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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