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violence and the social construction of ethnic identity pdf

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Sociology uses and critiques the concepts of race and ethnicity, connecting them to the idea of majority and minority groups and social structures of inequality, power, and stratification. The sociological perspective explores how race and ethnicity are socially constructed and how individuals identify with one or more. Research demonstrates how they are linked to social position and to political and policy debates about issues such as immigration, identity formation, and inter-group relations including racism.

Construction and Deconstruction of Ethnicity 2. The Rwandan Case Study 3. The genocide in Rwanda which lasted from April to Juli with approximately half a million people killed left the Rwandan society deeply uprooted.

Race and Ethnicity

The notion of race is a social construct designed to divide people into groups ranked as superior and inferior. The scientific consensus is that race, in this sense, has no biological basis — we are all one race, the human race. Racial identity , however, is very real. And, in a racialized society like the United States, everyone is assigned a racial identity whether they are aware of it or not. It is important to acknowledge race is a social fabrication, created to classify people on the arbitrary basis of skin color and other physical features.


Primordialism is the idea that nations or ethnic identities are fixed, natural and ancient. Primordialism can be traced philosophically to the ideas of German Romanticism , particularly in the works of Johann Gottlieb Fichte and Johann Gottfried Herder. In Herder's thinking, language was synonymous with thought, and as each language was learnt in community , then each community must think differently. This also suggests that the community would hold a fixed nature over time. Primordialism encountered enormous criticism after the Second World War , with many scholars of nationalism coming to treat the nation as a community constructed by the technologies and politics of modernity see Modernism. Primordialism, in relation to ethnicity , argues that "ethnic groups and nationalities exist because there are traditions of belief and action towards primordial objects such as biological factors and especially territorial location".

Violence in the international system can manifest itself in several ways. Principal among these are interstate war, civil war and military interventions. Though in the case of interstate war its frequency is in decline Levy and Morgan cited in Jacoby 75 , together they are arguably the most destructive and expensive phenomena known to humankind Mitchell 65 ; and yet, in terms of human behaviour, conflict is relatively infrequent Jacoby This essay will examine this paradox. This will be done by examining the sources of aggression, the precursor to violence. In doing this, it will be briefly demonstrated that aggression is not natural, and that there is no biological basis of aggression.

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Violence has the effect, intended by the elites, of constructing group identities in more antagonistic and rigid ways. These newly con- structed (or reconstructed).

Violence in the International System: Biological Necessity or Social Construct?

Understanding black American social identity has suffered from association with the race idea. Being black American is not a racial designation. The tendency to reduce color-conscious social identity to racial classification is a mistake.

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Race and Racial Identity

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Race and Ethnicity

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If individuals are viewed as the agents who construct identities, then constructivist explanations for ethnic violence tend to merge with analyses that stress strategic​.

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