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A deadly love triangle Elena: beautiful and popular, the girl who can have any guy she wants. Stefan: brooding and mysterious, desperately trying to resist his desire for Elena. Damon: sexy, dangerous, and driven by an urge for revenge against Stefan, the brother who betrayed him. Elena finds herself drawn to both brothers.

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening

The Vampire Diaries is a young adult vampire horror series of novels created by L. The story centers around Elena Gilbert, a young high school girl who finds her heart eventually torn between two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore. The series was originally published in and it revolves around Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert as the two main protagonists.

The first three novels in the original series The Awakening, The Struggle , and The Fury all feature Stefan and Elena as the narrators of the series, while the last book in the original series, Dark Reunion , is from Bonnie McCullough's viewpoint. After taking a long hiatus from writing, Smith published the first installment of "The Return" trilogy, Nightfall , on February 10, Shadow Souls , the second book of "The Return" trilogy, was released on March 16, The third and final book of "The Return" trilogy, Midnight , was released on March 15, The trilogy after The Return trilogy, The Hunters , was written by a ghostwriter.

In fact, Smith signed a " work for hire " contract back when she had written the original Vampire Diaries novel trilogy, which means Alloy owns the copyrights to the series. Smith had originally intended to call the books in "The Hunters" trilogy Phantom , Evensong and Eternity , [2] [3] [4] [5] but the third book was called Destiny Rising by the ghostwriter.

The Salvation trilogy was written by ghostwriter Aubrey Clark. The first installment, Unseen , was released on May 2, , [10] the second book, Unspoken , on November 7, , and the third and final book, Unmasked , on May 8, The first two books of The Salvation trilogy were first released on Amazon. On January 15, , Smith announced that she would be continuing to write her version of The Vampire Diaries before she was fired by Alloy. Smith would continue to write her books on Amazon Kindle as fan fiction and are not part of the official series.

The Evensong arc would pick up where The Return: Midnight had left off and it takes place in an alternate world from the official series that follows Midnight. However L. Smith has revealed that the novel will be released via Kindle Worlds. The plot of the novel revolves around the romance between Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert and the groups attempts to understand the brutal attacks that have taken place in Fell's Church.

Stefan Salvatore believes that he was committing the atrocities however it is later revealed that it was his brother Damon Salvatore. This book also introduces the background of the Salvatore brothers which introduces the characters Katherine and Klaus. After the murder of their past history teacher Elena attempts to clear Stefan's innocence after he is accused of committing the crime and Damon looks into Alaric Saltzman's role in all of this. It is later revealed that the town knows about vampires and hired Alaric to try and kill Stefan and Damon however Alaric later joins Damon and Stefan and ends up dating Meredith Sulez.

A powerful being has returned to Mystic Falls and despite Stefan's belief in Damon as the perpetrator no one knows its identity. Controlling the wind, the evil power chases Elena off Wickery Bridge to her death.

The Fury introduces Katherine as a villain with the plot revolving around a newly turned Elena trying to cope with the stresses of becoming a vampire. Stefan and Damon work together to try and stop Katherine who has been possessing animals and killing people all around Fells Church. Discovering Katherine's secret lair beneath the graveyard Stefan, Damon and Elena fight her resulting in both Elena and Katherine's deaths. After the death of Elena, Damon and Stefan have left Fell's Church only to be brought back by Bonnie after she begins to have psychic dreams about Klaus torturing Elena.

Klaus has captured Caroline and has been manipulating Tyler Smallwood into performing his dirty work. After the deaths of two friends Stefan goes out to kill Klaus only to realize that he is one of the "old ones" meaning he can't be killed. Damon returns to help battle the vampire only to be continually defeated. Just as Klaus is gloating over his victories hundreds of dead civil war soldiers rise from the grave led by Elena to drag Klaus to the underworld.

Elena is resurrected and with seemingly every enemy vanquished, the cast leaves successful in their conquests. Damon has become possessed by the evil fox-demon Shinichi and his twin sister Misao who have been invading the town using mystical and evil Malach.

Elena struggles to adjust back to her human form after having spent so much time in the spirit world. She later changes back to her human self but simultaneously loses her angel powers.

Stefan is captured by the possessed Damon who later lures Elena and Matt in a brutal trap. After saving Damon from the horrible Malach that has taken over his body the duo take on Shinichi and Misao who are planning and killing Bonnie and Meredith. After saving her friends Elena embarks on a journey with Matt and Damon to free Stefan from the brutal Dark Dimension. Bonnie and Meredith fight against Shinichi and Misao who have been corrupting the citizens of Fell's Church.

When they arrive in the brutal Dark Dimension Damon saves a woman named Ulma and she helps them find the first half of a Fox Key that is needed to rescue Stefan. Damon, Bonnie, Elena and Meredith attend a party hosted by a woman named Bloddeuwedd who transforms into a huge owl every night.

When Elena steals the last half of the fox key from the owl she attempts to kill them but is unsuccessful, eventually dying by Elena's new found powers. Using the key to free Stefan, Elena uses her powers to help transport them back to earth where Shinichi is waiting.

After shooting the hologram of Shinichi with blessed bullets Elena attempts to coax Stefan back to health and Damon is transformed into a human after a terrible coincidence. After Bonnie tries to thwart Damon they are both transported into the Dark Dimension where Damon works to become a vampire again.

Meredith reveals herself as a Hunter-Slayer a skill that she inherited after Klaus attacked her family and turned her brother Cristian into a vampire. Shinichi and Misao attack the Salvatore Boarding House to try to retrieve Misao's star-ball however they are unsuccessful and Misao eventually dies after her star-ball is destroyed. Meredith realizes that Inari an old friend of theirs is secretly behind the attacks and is one of the oldest and most powerful beings in the universe.

Matt, Meredith and Mrs. Flowers the owner of the Salvatore boarding house attempt to stop her while Damon who has newly returned to his vampire status joins up with Stefan, Bonnie and Elena to find the Seven Kitsune Treasures.

After finding the Seven Kitsune Treasures Damon and Stefan kill Shinichi who is trying to stop them however a magic tree stakes Damon and he dies.

After Elena destroys the Seven Treasures she goes to find the mystical Guardians who have the power to bring people back from the dead. She asks for her old life back in return for the remaining Kitsune Treasure however they are unable to bring Damon back to life.

Elena returns to her old life only to find out that Inari was killed when the treasure was destroyed and that everything has returned to normal before Klaus, Katherine and Shinichi invaded Fell's Church.

The Hunters: Phantom is the starting novel of a new arc, this time written by a ghostwriter. Since the Guardians changed the realities of Fells Church so that all the evil that Klaus, Katherine, and the kitsune twins committed never happened , Elena is no longer dead and she is able to see her Aunt Judith and her sister Margaret again.

Alaric and Celia arrive by train just after her name is mysteriously spelled out in blood. Damon manages to escape from the Dark Dimension after it is revealed that the embers of the star-ball Elena destroyed revived him after his death in The Return: Midnight. Stefan begins to suspect Caleb Smallwood Tyler Smallwood's cousin of committing the crimes after he finds out that he still remembers the original timeline with Klaus and Katherine. Stefan tries to kill Caleb but is unsuccessful because Elena intervenes.

Stefan and Meredith interrogate Caleb only to realize that he was not causing the accidents around Fell's Church. Simultaneously the bodies of Matt, Bonnie, and Elena have all been taken into the Dark Dimension where Damon is trying to hunt the villain.

Damon reveals that the monster is an Original Phantom and that it feeds on your emotions the same way a vampire feeds on blood. After the Phantom is summoned to Fells Church, Alaric tries to use old magic to cast the phantom out, however the Phantom is able to play on peoples minds and forces Stefan and Damon to battle. They eventually cast the Phantom out after revealing all of their jealousies and burning down the garage in the process. They prepare to attend Dalcrest college in the coming fall.

They all settle into new rituals with Bonnie befriending a boy named Zander and Meredith meeting a fellow Vampire-Hunter named Samantha. Matt Honeycutt is invited to join the secret group called The Vitale Society where he is met by dozens of recruits including his new friend Chloe and even more masked Vitales led by the mysterious Ethan Crane. Elena chooses to part ways with both Damon and Stefan after they begin to battle over her again leading the two brothers to bond over their shared misery.

Damon is living across town in a fancy apartment and is much less considerate of Elena's wish to remain separate. Elena and Damon are constantly together making Stefan become even more jealous and cold.

When people start disappearing from campus Meredith and Samantha try to uncover who is behind it only to have Matt's roommate Christopher and Meredith's friend Samantha killed. Meredith and Elena suspect Zander is the killer, making Bonnie so upset that she moves out of their dorm. Zander reveals himself as a werewolf making Bonnie believe that he is the killer, however a few hundred feet away Ethan Crane is beginning a ritual with the fellow Vitales.

The Vitale Society is actually a group of vampires, and the new recruits including Matt are all to be turned into a vampire army. Stefan arrives to protect Matt but is quickly subdued by Ethan and his vampires. Ethan Crane reveals that he is intent on bringing back the powerful Original vampire Klaus and that he wants to gift him the massive army that he has assembled.

Damon, Meredith and Elena arrive to stop the Vitales and kill about a dozen. The rest escape. Ethan Crane threatens to kill Elena but is quickly impaled with Meredith's fighting stave. Bonnie places spells sealing up the tunnels from the outside so that no one finds the dead vampires until they have been disposed of, however, Ethan actually survived his wounds and now has all of the ingredients he needs to resurrect Klaus. Alaric Saltzman comes into town and helps Meredith rig vervain bombs to try and lure Ethan out of the tombs however Ethan has already begun the ceremony deep in the woods.

Stefan and the wolf pack battle the Vitale Vampires however Ethan successfully pours Stefan and Damon's blood into a huge bonfire raising Klaus. Klaus instantly kills Ethan and wounds Zander telling Elena to watch her back before vanishing into the woods. Bonnie has a vision of Klaus bringing back his old allies including Katherine and Meredith's brother Cristian.

Elena learns that she is an "Earthly Guardian" and that she cannot be killed by supernatural means. She is given lessons in mastering her powers by another Earthly Guardian named Andres - who works with her history professor, James - who helps her understand her skills.

Damon is hunting humans again causing Stefan and Elena to hide his actions from the rest of the group who already dislike the more sarcastic Salvatore brother. Stefan and the rest of the group go hunting for Klaus only to discover that he has created an army including the powerful Katherine. They battle resulting in the death of the werewolf Chad and Klaus realizes that he has to find another way to kill Elena.

Damon an Katherine begin to work together feeding on humans and having fun but she eventually warns Damon about Klaus' plan and he leaves to join Stefan and their army of werewolves. Elena, as an Earthly Guardian, is given the task of killing Damon Salvatore which she rejects as ridiculous choosing instead to go after Klaus.

Cristian tries to kill Meredith leading her to realize that she must kill her brother if the time arises. Klaus and his army minus Katherine battle against Stefan, Damon, Meredith and an army of werewolves. Meredith runs Cristian through with a stake killing him instantly while Damon and Stefan battle against the countless other vampires Klaus has brought with him.

Klaus captures Elena and brings her into the tunnels beneath the school where he stabs her and begins to drink her blood. Stefan and Damon find Elena only to realize that Klaus has died realizing that Elena's blood, as a Earthly Guardian, has the ability to kill the unkillable Original vampires.

The Vampire Diaries (Complete) Series

The first book in L. Elena Gilbert is a high school golden girl, used to getting what she wants. And who she wants. She could never know the real reason Stefan is struggling to resist her:. And wherever Damon goes, trouble always follows.

The Vampire Diaries Complete Series. The complete Vampire Diaries series. Includes books by L. Smith herself, fanfiction by L. Smith, and the official releases using the L.

12 pdf book by L. J. Smith. You're readind a review The AwakeningThe Struggle Vampire Diaries Books 12 ebook. To get able to download The AwakeningThe.

L. J. Smith - Vampire Diaries 01 - The Awakening

Elena Gilbert is the central character, the heroine and the protagonist of The Vampire Diaries novel series. Elena is the soulmate and former girlfriend of Stefan Salvatore , the current girlfriend and object of obsession of Damon Salvatore , the best friend of Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez , the former best friend and recently-turned-rival of Caroline Forbes , the first love, childhood friend and ex-girlfriend of Matt Honeycutt , and the arch enemy of Klaus and Katherine von Swartzschild. Elena was born in the small town of Fells Church, Virginia.

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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES The Awakening by L. J. Smith

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The Vampire Diaries 2 - The Struggle by L.J. Smith. One. "Damon!" Icy wind whipped Elena's hair around her face, tearin.

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Don't miss these exciting books from HarperPaperbacks! THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: A TRILOGY. L. J. Smith. Volume I The Awakening Volume II The Struggle.

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The Vampire Diaries is a young adult vampire horror series of novels created by L.

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