King Midas And The Golden Touch Short Story Pdf Many Years Ago

king midas and the golden touch short story pdf many years ago

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The next day, King Midas awoke very early.


Once there lived a king named Midas. He had a large kingdom. He had many palaces. But still, he was not happy. He wanted to have more gold as he was greedy. One day as he was praying, a holy man appeared. Whatever I touch should turn into gold!


How is Midas pronounced in English? To me, it seems that English pronunciations of Greek and Latin words rarely follow the original. I think the story of King midas changes the veiws of our current society's maturity. Now, we view maturity as leadership, responsibility and some other things including some traits that Midas obtained towrad the end of his story. Immaturity today includes greed, held by Midas, selfishness and other traits that Midas showed in this story.

The story of King Midas is a myth about the tragedy of avarice and narrates what happens when true happiness is not recognized. Midas was a man who wished that everything he touched would turn into gold. However, he had not thought that this wish was not actually a blessing, but a curse. His greed invites us to think and realize the consequences that may lead us to become slaves of our own desires. The phrase the Midas touch comes from this myth and is used to say that somebody has a good fortune.

Now, the King hates gold. But now he is truly happy because he has his dear daughter. The moral of the story: The.

King Midas & the Golden Touch

King Midas had one little daughter, whose name was Marigold. King Midas was very, very rich. It was said that he had more gold than any other king in the world. One room of his great castle was almost filled with yellow gold pieces. At last the King grew so fond of his gold that he loved it better than anything else in all the world.

One day Silenus, the oldest of the satyrs who was now very weak, became lost in the vineyards of King Midas. Someone found him wandering helplessly about, barely able to walk, and brought him to the king. Long ago, Silenus had acted as nurse and teacher to the little wine-god, Bacchus. Now that Silenus had grown old, Bacchus, in turn, took care of him. So King Midas sent the man who found him to carry the satyr safely to Bacchus.

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King Midas and his touch

One day, the king is kind to a servant of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. As a reward, Dionysus offers to grant him one wish. King Midas wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. The greedy king soon learns to regret his wish. Dionysus rewards King Midas for his kindness by granting his greatest wish: that everything he touched would turn to gold. Before Reading Focus Attention Read aloud the title and ask students if they have ever heard of King Midas and his golden touch.

Home About Contact. Long, long ago, in the ancient land of Greece, there lived a king called Midas. He was a fair King, and he ruled his kingdom wisely. The people were prosperous and content. The King had one little daughter called marigold, whom he loved dearly. One day, as King Midas was returning after doing a survey of his kingdom, he found Silenus He was companion and tutor of God Dionysus wandering alone, close to the border. Silenus was God Dionysus The god of wine best friend.

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King Midas And The Golden Touch - Moral Short Story for Kids

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Story: King Midas and the Golden Touch

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