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How do you ensure that your leadership team and church consistently see people through the eyes of Christ? We stay distant and removed from the brokenness of humanity rather than going to people like Jesus did. The Pharisees had no mercy or compassion for muddied, sinful people.

The Mud Room

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The Mud and the Masterpiece

The Mud Bath is a oil-on-canvas painting by David Bomberg. The work is considered a masterpiece of Bomberg's work in this period. Bomberg was a founder member of the London Group , and the painting is considered a leading example of Vorticism , although Bomberg resisted being described as a Vorticist. The painting is a striking composition of human figures formed from white and blue geometric planes and angles, in a rectangular bath of vibrant red surrounded by a landscape of mustard brown, arranged around a brown and black vertical element perhaps a column at the baths. There is a suggestion that the bathers are waving their arms as if in a Bacchanalian revel. The scene is based on Schewzik Russian Vapour Baths in Brick Lane , Whitechapel , near Bomberg's home in east London , which was used by the local Jewish population for cleanliness and for religious observances, including the mikveh ritual bath. Bomberg's Jewishness was a very important part of his identity as an artist.

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The Mud and the Masterpiece: Seeing Yourself and Others through the Eyes of Jesus [Burke, John, Burke, John] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying​.

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The reason "sinners" ran from the religious, yet ran to Jesus had everything to do with his heart's attitude toward people. They could sense Jesus was for them--not against them. Unlike the Pharisees, who could only see the mud of sin, Jesus saw a masterpiece under the mud that was so valuable, he was willing to give his life to restore messy people to the original work of art he created them to be.

“The Busiest Man in England”

This book shows us how. Why were "sinners" so attracted to Jesus yet repelled by the religious? It had everything to do with the heart of Jesus.

Quick Review: Mud and The Masterpiece

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