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what is a vision and mission statement pdf

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A vision statement is the anchor point of any strategic plan. It outlines what an organization would like to ultimately achieve and gives purpose to the existence of the organization. A good vision statement should be short, simple, specific to your business, leave nothing open to interpretation. It should also have some ambition. This comprehensive guide will take you through the entire process of writing a good vision statement, with examples and resources to help along the way.

What is the difference between mission, vision and values statements?

A vision statement is the anchor point of any strategic plan. It outlines what an organization would like to ultimately achieve and gives purpose to the existence of the organization. A good vision statement should be short, simple, specific to your business, leave nothing open to interpretation. It should also have some ambition. This comprehensive guide will take you through the entire process of writing a good vision statement, with examples and resources to help along the way.

Let's start off by reminding ourselves of what our end-game looks like in terms of our finished plan:. Here's a quick reminder of what we're trying to achieve when writing a good vision statement not everything will apply to every organization, but you'll get the gist We've also incorporated this strategic planning process into our strategy software which you can try free of charge here.

Cascade walks you through a guided strategic planning process with real-time analysis and feedback to help you create an effective strategy. You can use these guides either alongside a free trial of Cascade Strategy our cloud-based strategy platform or standalone.

Following these rules should give you a pretty good starting point for creating a good vision statement. To help refine things further, we'll now look at some examples of vision statements that did not follow these rules. Here are some examples of real-life vision statements that in our opinion, could do with a little tweaking.

For each one, we'll try to justify our thinking Well, this one gets a tick on the 'ambitious' test if nothing else. How about 'making the world more intelligent. Or let's not. Because it's impossible. Not to be too harsh though - there are strong elements here; 'making brands more inspiring' makes a lot of sense and has some depth. This 'vision' could pretty much apply to any company, anywhere it's an insurance company in this case - but would you have guessed that?

It's sort of like saying 'Our Vision is to succeed as a business'. Not wrong - but certainly not inspiring or unique. We are committed to achieving new standards of excellence by providing superior human capital management services and maximizing the potential of all stakeholders - clients, candidates and employees - through the delivery of the most reliable, responsive It would be quite hard to write a vision statement filled with less tangibility and more subjectivity than this one.

There are simply far too many buzzwords, intangibles, and vagueness here for this to be either memorable or inspiring. We are of course being rather harsh. But hopefully, the above examples illustrate well some of the pitfalls to avoid when creating your own vision.

There are literally hundreds of articles out there that give examples of bad and good vision statements. There's also plenty of articles that give a high-level overview of what to consider when creating your own. However, what we noticed was lacking was a concrete process to go through to help you create one.

As such, we've outlined a process that we have used with clients in Cascade that might work for you too. There are plenty of great vision statements out there that will not conform to the process below. But if you're struggling or just need a place to start, then hopefully this will help.

Start by being exceptionally clear about what it is your organization actually does. Be careful to remain 'output focused' rather than 'input focused'. For example, Microsoft famously had a vision statement to Put a Microsoft powered computer on every desk in the world slightly paraphrased.

Strictly speaking what Microsoft 'do' is make computer software, but for the purposes of their Vision, they looked forward to the actual outcome of this process - i. Whilst this process may seem obvious - you would be surprised by how rarely organizations actually go through this process in a formal, written way.

Doing so will take you a long way towards creating your vision statement - BUT it's not enough alone! If it was, all bakeries, for example, would have the same vision statement - which is hardly inspiring! Very few products or services these days are truly new - most are more like reinventions of something that exists already, but with a different approach, focus or spin.

At some point in your organization's lifespan - someone will have believed that the reason that THIS organization would be successful where others have failed, was because of Let's take our bakery example. So far, our vision statement is looking pretty generic, along the lines of customers enjoying our bread. But why will they enjoy our bread MORE than the bread from the place next door?

Is it because we use centuries-old traditions passed through generations of our family? Because we only use premium grade locally sourced ingredients? Whatever your unique selling point is - let it shine through in your vision statement. A common problem with a not so good vision statement is ironically, that it's too visionary! With no possible end in sight or a totally unrealistic one - the initial inspiration derived from a good vision statement can quickly turn to frustration or even cynicism among employees and customers.

That said - don't be too specific or apply specific metrics at this stage they will come later in our planning process. Sticking with our bakery example, we might want to refine our target audience to 'every customer who walks through the door'. That's fine, or maybe we want to be bolder: 'every customer within walking distance of a store'. The quantification we apply could also be industry specific.

OK, your vision statement by this point should be getting pretty close to finished. But one final trick you can apply to help make it even more memorable is to add a real-life aspect.

This will allow people to conjure up a solid mental image to associate with your vision statement. Let's look at an example - which of the following statements is likely to be more memorable:. I would argue that b is more memorable because as I read this, I'm actually visualizing a computer in my case sitting on a wooden desk in a room. There's nothing wrong with a but it's highly conceptual and thus difficult to transform into a mental picture.

Let's look at another example:. Here, using the word 'smiling' as opposed to 'happy' is powerful, because it conjures a mental image of a person smiling. It won't always be possible to bring this level of tangibility to a good vision statement - but if it is, I would strongly encourage doing so. Click the download button below. Let's finish off with a look at what a completed good vision statement could look like for our bakery.

Based on the above:. Producing and selling locally sourced cakes and pies that are so delicious and satisfying, that every customer who leaves our store does so with a smile. Let me reiterate - there are other ways to write a good vision statement. Even if yours doesn't look like this at the end, following the process above will help you to bring structure and purpose to your effort.

In our next article , we'll be looking at creating a great set of company values. The article will discuss how values should link to your vision statement, and how they can support your strategic planning. We'd love to hear your own thoughts about the above process of creating a good vision statement. Comment with your own examples of a bad or good vision statements that really stuck with you! Click here for full contact details.

By Industry:. Why Cascade:. Let's Find You a Solution:. What is Strategy Execution Software? Strategy Academy. Learn About The Software The Cascade Product Hub will walk you through all aspects of the Cascade platform and includes webinars, the knowledge base and the latest product updates. Product Hub. Let's start off by reminding ourselves of what our end-game looks like in terms of our finished plan: What is a Vision Statement for? Creating the pinnacle of the funnel, which every significant action we do going forward will ultimately be contributing towards.

A memorable and inspirational summary that describes our reason for existence as an organization - one that will help to motivate existing employees and even attract high-quality new ones. A succinct statement about what our organization is trying to achieve to help third parties such as investors or the media better understand us. A 'limiter' that helps us to rule out certain opportunities which do not ultimately contribute to our vision.

It's fine to expand on your vision statement with more detail, but you need a version that is punchy and easily memorable. They need to be specific to your business and describe a unique outcome that only you can provide.

Generic vision statements that could apply to any organization won't cut it see our examples below for more on this point. Do not use words that are open to interpretation. For example, saying you will 'maximize shareholder return' doesn't actually mean anything unless you specify what it actually looks like.

Keep it simple enough for people both inside and outside your organization to understand. No technical jargon, no metaphors, and no business buzz-words if at all possible! It should be ambitious enough to be exciting but not too ambitious that it seems unachievable.

It's not really a matter of time-framing your vision, because that will vary by organization, but certainly, anything that has a time-frame outside of 3 to 10 years should be challenged as to whether it's appropriate. It needs to align to the company values that you want your people to exhibit as they perform their work. We talk more about company values in this article - but once you've created those company values later on, revisit your Vision to see how well they gel.

Some not-so-good Vision Statements and why Here are some examples of real-life vision statements that in our opinion, could do with a little tweaking.

Our company vision is to make every brand more inspiring and the world more intelligent.

4.3 The Roles of Mission, Vision, and Values

Moreover, firms with clearly communicated, widely understood, and collectively shared mission and vision have been shown to perform better than those without them, with the caveat that they related to effectiveness only when strategy and goals and objectives were aligned with them as well Bart, et. Customers, employees, and investors are the stakeholders most often emphasized, but other stakeholders like government or communities i. Mission statements are often longer than vision statements. Values are the beliefs of an individual or group, and in this case the organization, in which they are emotionally invested. Similarly, Toyota declares its global corporate principles to be:. Live better Walmart, Any casual tour of business or organization Web sites will expose you to the range of forms that mission and vision statements can take.

Abstract: Vision and mission statements are considered as an important part of strategic management process for organization. A well prepared vision and mission statements would distinguish one organization from another by showing unique characteristic that differentiates it from others.

Organizational Vision – Know Where You’re Going – Mission Vision Values

Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization. Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way e. Each statement may be part of the strategic planning process but have a different objective. These statements may be written for organizations or for individual departments. A mission statement is a concise explanation of the organization's reason for existence.

Your contribution can help change lives. Donate now. Learn more. Creating your organization's vision and mission statements are the first two steps in the VMOSA action planning process. Developing a vision and mission statement is crucial to the success of community initiatives.

This article lays out the importance of having a clear organizational vision—mission, vision, and values. You will learn how to develop this for your company, and how it helps create a high performance culture. This once popular expression implied that the size and complexity of a moon landing made all other human endeavors seem easy to manage.

One of the first things that any observer of management thought and practice asks is whether a particular organization has a vision and mission statement.

Laying the Foundation for High Performance with Mission, Vision & Values

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Vision statements and mission statements are both based on the core ethical values of an. organization and are essential to its success because they give it direction. Vision state- ments drive the long-term goals that determine where the organization would eventu- ally like to be in the competitive landscape.