Sales Agency Labor And Other Commercial Laws By De Leon Pdf

sales agency labor and other commercial laws by de leon pdf

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Hector S. De Leon. Rex Book Store, - Agency Law - pages.

Employment is a relationship between two parties , usually based on contract where work is paid for, where one party, which may be a corporation , for profit , not-for-profit organization , co-operative or other entity is the employer and the other is the employee. Employees in some fields or sectors may receive gratuities , bonus payment or stock options.


How are different types of worker distinguished? For each section of said article, different labour legislation is applicable: the Federal Labour Law; and the Federal Law for State Employees, respectively. If not, do employees have to be provided with specific information in writing? According to the Federal Labour Law, it is mandatory to establish in writing the employment terms and conditions that will govern the employment relationship. The most simple and proper way to do this is through the execution of a written employment agreement, which must be executed in two copies; one for the employee and one for the employer. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, even in the absence of a written employment agreement, please note that the Federal Labour Law provides that if a personal subordinated service is rendered from one person to another, an employment relationship will be deemed, or at least be presumed, to exist.

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It also covers the law on agency; its nature, form and kinds; obligation of the agent and the principal; and modes of extinguishments. Also discussed are employment contracts and pertinent provisions of the Labor Code and the law on credit transactions such as loan, deposit, guarantee, pledge, real mortgage, antichresis, and chattel mortgage. Other relevant laws on commerce and trade such as law on investments likewise discussed. Course Rationale : Cash inflow from operations is mainly generated by sales, therefore it matters to know the provisions affecting the contract of sale as well as agency and bailments. General Objective : At the end of the course, the students are expected to interpret the implications of the provisions affecting the contract of sales. Specific Objectives :. Cognitive : Express ideas effectively of the general provisions of the law affecting sales, agency and bailments.

Php Availability date:. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Add to cart. SKU: LB Condition: New product. Abundant illustrations are given not only to further assist the student in the proper interpretation of the law but also to insure full understanding of basic principles.

The Law on Sales, Agency and Credit Transactions

Php Availability date:. This book is intended for the use of commerce students. An attempt is made to condense or rephrase the legal provisions in a simple manner and to correlate them so that they will be easily understood.

Law on Sales,Agency and Bailments-Overview

Begun and held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-third day of July, two thousand twelve. Section 1.

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Definitions Contract of Sale a contract whereby one of the parties called the seller or vendor obligates himself to deliver something to the other called the buyer or purchaser or vendee who, on his part, binds himself to pay therefore a sum of money or its equivalent Natural Elements those which are deemed to exist in certain contracts, in the absence of any contrary stipulations like warranty against eviction or hidden defects Sale by description occurs where a seller sells things as being of a particular kind, the buyer not knowing whether the sellers representations are true or false. Conditional Sale sale contemplates a contingency and in general where the contract is subject to certain conditions, usually the full payment of the purchase price o Note: The delivery of the thing sold does not transfer ownership until the condition is fulfilled. Applies to a sale not yet perfected Would-be-buyer is not required to buy when he gives option money. Remedies available to a vendor in sale of personal property payable in installments o Elect fulfillment upon the vendees failure to pay o Cancel the sale, if the vendee shall have failed to pay two or more installments o Foreclose the chattel mortgage, if one has been constituted, if the vendee shall have paid to pay two or more installments. Characteristics of a contract of sale: o Consnsual perfected by mere consent without further act o Bilateral because both contracting parties are bound to fulfill obligations reciprocally towards each other o Onerous - thing sold is conveyed in consideration of price and vice versa o Commutative - thing sold is considered the equivalent of the price paid and vice versa o Nominate it is given a designation in the Civil Code, namely Sale o Principal does not depend for its existence and validity upon another contract. Contracts of sale that must be in writing to be enforceable by court action Under Statute of Frauds : o Sale of personal property at a price not less than P o Sale of real property or an interest therein regardless of the price involved o Sale of property not to be performed within a year from the date thereof regardless of the nature of the property and the price involved. Distinctions between a Contract of Sale and a Contract of Agency Contract of Sale Contract of Agency Agent receives the goods as the goods of the principal who retains his ownership over them Buyer has to pay the price Agent has simply to account for the proceeds of the sale he may make on the principals behalf Buyer, as a general rule, cannot return the object sold Agent can return the object in case he is unable to sell the same to a third person Seller warrants the thing sold Agent makes no warranty for which he assumes personal liability as long as he acts within his authority and in the name of the seller Buyer can deal with the thing sold as he pleases The agent in dealing with the thing received, must act and is bound according to the instructions of his principal.

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