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Stay up-to-date with the latest Coronavirus news: Sign up for daily news alerts. From a recruitment perspective, think of commercial awareness as an employer wanting to see evidence of your general knowledge of business, your business experiences or work experience and, specifically, your understanding of their organisation and the wider industry in which they operate. As we have seen in the list above, because commercially aware people are proactive thinkers, they are a positive force for change in any business and help drive teams and businesses forward.

Commercial awareness means understanding the market, identifying opportunities and working with limited resources to create a profit Wilkinson and Aspinall,

But they face the opportunity and challenge that funding has been transferred directly to schools to buy the services they want from whoever they want. This has led to increasing competition from other local authorities and the private sector. HLT formerly The Learning Trust formed as an autonomous organisation when Hackney Council relinquished control of its schools support services — due to poor performance in its schools. In , Hackney Council brought HLT back under its control but gave it a semi-autonomous status for a trial period of 3 years. If HLT performs well, the status is likely to continue; if not it is likely to come fully under council control again.

Recognized leaders in complex business transactions.

When targetjobs. Make sure you develop your commercial awareness by focusing on the following:. Applicants need to demonstrate intelligent awareness about the firm to which they are applying and the business environment in which it operates. This includes an awareness of the sector, its regulators, its competitors and current issues facing the industry. Researching the firm is easily done and shows a basic motivation. It is not necessarily the nature of your past work experience that is likely to advance your chances of employment, but how you display awareness of the environment in which your former employer operates. Who owns the company?

A business case is the justification for proposed investment in projects — from marketing campaigns to cost savings through equipment purchasing. The course addresses financial issues from the accounting perspective profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow , including typical ratio measurements, and from a value management perspective using NPV and IRR. In this way, we balance both short and long-term perspectives. In our developing a business case training programs, we consider 3 perspectives: strategic, financial and management. A business case must show that the proposal helps the organisation to achieve its strategic objectives.

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Developing a Business Case Training

This book is designed to act as a financial statement phrase book and dictionary rolled into one. It will enable those new to the financial world to draw meaning from the wealth of information contained within financial documents that were previously considered out of bounds. Furthermore, although the pages within this book will be an invaluable springboard to those starting out in the world of accountancy, its primary aim is to enable commercial managers working within every facet of a business to meet clearly defined objectives. It will enable these professionals to take commercial documents and visualise how they interact with the work of an accountant, explaining why every board of management appears to focus on financial data. Junior level Management Accountants; Trainee Managers; and Business section heads will find all the core concepts explained, whilst more Senior Management including board members will come to understand how the commercial and financial worlds interact. Yet another professional — The Auditor!

Commercial awareness can be summarised as an interest in business and an understanding of the wider environment in which an organisation operates: its.

Case Study: Developing Commercial Awareness with Hackney Learning Trust

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Commercial Awareness

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Commercial awareness: a key requirement for a graduate career in accounting


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Many recruiters complain about the lack of business or commercial awareness in applicants, even though they are impressed with the candidates other skills.