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Chola dynasty

Indus Valley. Rajput Civil Architecture. Rajasthan Paintings. The Imperial Chola rulers of Tanjore developed the Dravidian style of temple architecture almost to perfection. Their works taken up on a stupendous scale include irrigation schemes, embankment of artificial lakes, dams across the Kaveri and well planned cities. A special feature of the Chola architecture is the purity of artistic tradition. The two magnificent temples at Tanjore and Gangaikonda Cholapuram in Tiruchirapalli District built in early 11th century A.

Chola Dynasty (9th-13th Century)

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Their power was such that they built over temples in Kaveri belt betweenTiruchirapally- Tanjore-Kumbhakonam, most of them being small but some aregrander and monumental exhibiting the vigour and glory of Cholas. The dominating element of the Pallavan style the lion motif has disappeared, the pillars which this leogriff adorned, got converted into purely abstract convention of mouldings and other similar forms. In the capital the neck mouldings has been introduced where it joins to the shaft, and adding another member to the lower part of the capital in the form of a vessel or pot kalasa. As to the abacus the palagai or plank is much expanded so that combined with the flower shape underneath which became the most striking element of the order. Considerable amount of sculpture on the wall surfaces of the vimana, consisting of full length figures installed within recesses.

The Chola period is a very significant span of time in that the south Indian art and architecture made marvelous achievement. The Chola dynasty was founded by.

Chola art and architecture

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The Chola kings built many temples throughout their kingdoms. The temples of early Cholas are found in large number in the former Pudukottai region. These Chola temples reveal the gradual evolution of the Chola art and architecture. The Chola kings earlier built brick temples.


The period of the imperial Cholas c.

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Chola dynasty , Chola also spelled Cola , South Indian Tamil rulers of unknown antiquity, antedating the early Sangam poems c.

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