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Construction , also called building construction , the techniques and industry involved in the assembly and erection of structures, primarily those used to provide shelter. Construction is an ancient human activity. It began with the purely functional need for a controlled environment to moderate the effects of climate.

It has sections of cane or bamboo poles fixed with wires. It inspired me to build a bigger one at home which was two stories. Built it with some friends in a week but after a while the wood rotted and when I was walking in the top floor it fell and I fell on some sharp broken sticks. Now in hospital.

Bamboo-mud wall

Many people dream about building their own earthen home, whether that be from cob, adobe, rammed earth, or any other number of natural building techniques. The idea of using the earth beneath your feet to craft with your own hand a beautiful, natural structure that will shelter your family for years to come is indeed captivating. However, a good number of natural, earthen homes have been abandoned during the construction phase because of the large amount of work involved. Earth is heavy, and the process of mixing clay, sand, straw and other aggregate material to eventually lift onto the walls of your future home is definitely not easy. For people who live in temperate climates, wattle and daub is one natural building technique that requires much less mixing of earthen materials. While building a wattle and daub house will certainly take a good amount of effort, this style of natural construction is typically much less labor intensive than building with cob, adobe, or rammed earth. Below we offer a quick introduction to building with wattle and daub and some of the benefits that come with this technique.

Wattle and daub has been used for at least 6, years, and is still an important construction material in many parts of the world. Many historic buildings include wattle and daub construction, and the technique is becoming popular again in more developed areas as a lowimpact sustainable building technique. The wattle and daub technique was used already in the Neolithic age. In Africa it is common in the architecture of traditional houses such as the Ashanti people. Its usage dates back at least years.

Most cities and towns in developing countries are experiencing a massive influx of population from rural areas. The majority of the rural population migrates to urban areas hoping to find a job and a higher income for their survival. This large influx creates a high demand for urban housing and infrastructure, which the majority of the migrants cannot afford. Moreover, the insufficient use of low-cost traditional building materials and construction techniques in residential construction has resulted in expensive housing stock for the majority of the poor. There is therefore an urgent need to assess alternative building materials and techniques that are both affordable and sustainable. Stabilised earth is an alternative building material that is significantly cheaper than using conventional brick and concrete, and is also environmentally sustainable.

advantages and disadvantages of wall wattle and daub

From the Nzima pile dwellings of Nzulezo in the far West of Ghana near the border with Ivory Coast, to the Ewe villages in the hills of the Volta Region, indigenous people use building methods and architecture which evolved from their environment, receiving their form through the geology, topography and climate of the area, and influenced by the social and historical development of the region. Throughout the rural areas and the fishing communities along the coast, these traditional construction methods are still employed. There are three typical types of wall construction in this area, the wattle and daub wall, the Atakpame wall, and the wall from sundried bricks. Holes are dug into the ground at regular intervals along the outline of the building. Vertical posts which are to carry the roof structure are inserted into the holes and stabilized with stones rammed around the base. The framing process is executed with the laying of the floor slab.

invitation to the world of building with earth by four of the most ancient techniques known to (wo)man!. This is part 5/5 of the. Muddy Micromanuals! By Sourabh.

Wattle and Daub: A Quick, Easy, and Seismic Resistant Natural Building Option

Besides the general misconceptions about earthen construction, still considered. Sep 25, benefits of wattle and daub construction. However due to the lack of timber treating and poor or lack of proper damp proofing and the absence of a masonry base wall, this method is not nearly as durable as it should be.

In conjunction of modernization , the Japanese built large concrete public buildings throughout Taiwan, at the same time, Japanese officials and government employees from mainland Japan demanded a significant amount of housing. Non governmental houses followed this technique soon afterwards. The transformation from Japanese wattle and daub to Taiwanese Bamboo-mud wall, is due to the fundamental difference of climate and flora between two regions.

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Wattle & Daub

Wattle and daub construction pdf files

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The roof structure, built of tree trunks, rests on posts separated from the wall. Within a research project concerning seismic- proof low-cost housing the FEB.


Benefits of Wattle and Daub Construction

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Traditional building methods in Southern Ghana

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PDF | This study examines the nature of wattle and daub in English building and the techniques required for its conservation. The intent was to.