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essentials of business and online commerce law pdf

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Publisher: Saylor Foundation. The text is comprehensive, in that there are 53 chapters that cover what one would expect a business law text to cover, including intellectual property, real property, and bankruptcy.

Ecommerce transactions should be legally straightforward. You get money up front for the sale, in return for delivery of a product as described within the timeframe specified. Outline the terms of delivery, shipping, refunds and payments, exclusions of liability and terms of use for your website. A standard set of terms and conditions should cover the vast majority of transactions.

Essentials of Business Law

This area of law deals with matters relating to commerce and trade between businesses and consumers, and it also reaches out into areas of employee contracts, business contracts, financial transactions and more. Most businesses engage in commerce with their customers without really giving any thought to the legal side of it. However, having the knowledge and understanding of commercial law can play a big role in your success. It can also prevent you from experiencing any headaches with customers that could have been avoided if you had an understanding of commercial law and how to use it in your business practices. Commercial law effectively governs trade between businesses and consumers. It creates a regulated system that is fair for both parties so that trade can be conducted in a reasonable manner. Without these sets of laws that govern how commerce is conducted, it would create a wild west scenario that would end up crazy for both businesses and consumers.

3 Legal Challenges for E-Commerce Businesses

With the massive explosion of e-commerce, and especially the use of the Internet as a transnational and instant medium for business transactions, has come a whole range of new laws and regulations - and, inevitably, a minefield of accompanying uncertainties and potential pitfalls. So what exactly are the legal issues companies need to address, and what are their implications in real terms for the business world? With a brief to provide practical help for businesses and e-commerce initiatives, this series of cutting-edge reviews examines and evaluates the special rules designed to regulate the Internet - both at a European and at national level in the Member States. It also explains the relevant technological developments and evaluates them against the legal background. This is an essential guide for legal and corporate practitioners alike, as well as software developers and the consultancy community internationally. Electronic commerce and law; How to regulate the internet; Contract law; The content of web contracts; Intellectual property — Copyright; Law and technology convergence; Trademark law; Reference tools; Intermediaries — Liability for online intermediaries: Comparing EU and US legal frameworks; The European directive; Data protection — Determining applicable law pursuant to European data protection legislation; Electronic threats; Protection of data under European law; Consumer protection; Electronic payment; Law and technology convergence; Taxation — Tax aspects of international electronic commerce; Law and technology convergence: Electronic commerce taxation; Private international law; The identification of applicable law and liability with regard to the use of protected material in the digital context.

Essentials of Business Law, 1e takes a balanced approach and covers both the Contracts and the Regulatory material that is crucial for Business Law professions. It is light on Contracts, making it more appropriate for those who want a briefer, less expensive book that still covers all the topics. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Business Law I Essentials is a brief introductory textbook designed to meet the scope Thus, the Constitution's Commerce Clause has been interpreted Final.​pdf. Using E-Mediation and Online Mediation Techniques for Conflict Resolution.

ISBN 13: 9780131440470

Product and service reviews are conducted independently by our editorial team, but we sometimes make money when you click on links. Learn more. The e-commerce ecosystem has become one of the most crowded startup spaces over the past few years.

Ecommerce Legals and Law

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E-commerce Law and Practice in Europe

Essentials of Business Law, 1e takes a balanced approach and covers both the Contracts and the Regulatory material that is crucial for Business Law professions. It is light on Contracts, making it more appropriate for those who want a briefer, less expensive book that still covers all the topics. Henry R. Convert currency. Add to Basket.

Understanding these issues before you try to start selling online will help you plan wisely and save you time, energy, and money. Many of these issues are just part of the cost of selling products on the internet, but some may come as a surprise. Knowing about them ahead of time is the key to working through them. First, know that every state and country has different expectations and standards when it comes to taxes. That means you have to conduct some research and understand your target market. Other issues are related to what you are selling and where you are selling it from. To cover all your bases, talk to a tax professional or local tax authorities readily available to you.

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Essentials of Business and Online Commerce Law

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Commercial law is essential for your success


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