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sql tricks and tips pdf

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All other values should remain the same as substitution condition is not met. Translating requirements from English to SQL will likely result in a bulky and inefficient query.

Sql tricks and tips pdf

Luke Harrison. Hopefully, it will help developers — both beginner and experienced level — become more proficient in their understanding of the SQL language. Most, if not all of the websites you visit will use it in some way, including this one. This example in particular stores e-commerce information, specifically the products on sale, the users who buy them, and records of these orders which link these 2 entities.

Using SQL, you are able to interact with the database by writing queries, which when executed, return any results which meet its criteria. It would then return data like the below, which is typically called a results set Of course, these examples demonstrate only a very small selection of what the SQL language is capable of. You may have heard of MySQL before. SQL is the language. It outlines syntax that allows you to write queries that manage relational databases.

Nothing more. MySQL meanwhile is a database system that runs on a server. Some of the more popular ones include:. On macOS, the recommended way to install MySQL is using native packages, which sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. Essentially, it also involves just downloading an installer.

Whilst if you need to install the older MySQL version 5. Our favorite of these is the world database, which provides some interesting data to practice writing SQL queries for. Whilst this one returns all European countries with a population of over 50million along with their capital city and its population.

A collection of keywords used in SQL statements, a description, and where appropriate an example. Some of the more advanced keywords have their own dedicated section later in the cheat sheet. Example: Returns the users with a higher number of tasks than the user with the highest number of tasks in the HR department id 2.

Example: Returns products from the products table which have received orders — stored in the orders table — with a quantity of more than 5.

Example 2: Selects stock with a quantity NOT between and Alternatively, using the NOT keyword here reverses the logic and selects values outside the given range. Example: Returns all countries from the users table, removing any duplicate values which would be highly likely. Example: Updates the value and quantity values for an order with an id of in the orders table. Example: Updates the mileage and serviceDue values for a vehicle with an id of 45 in the cars table.

Comments allow you to explain sections of your SQL statements, or to comment out code and prevent its execution. Single line comments start with —. Any text after these 2 characters to the end of the line will be ignored. They stretch across multiple lines until the closing characters have been found.

When creating a new table or editing an existing one, you must specify the type of data that each column accepts. For size, the maximum number is 65 and the default is 10, whilst for d, the maximum number is 30 and the default is LEFT Starting from the left, extract the given number of characters from a string and return them as another.

LPAD Left pads one string with another, to a specific length. MID Extracts one string from another, starting from any position. RIGHT Starting from the right, extract the given number of characters from a string and return them as another. RPAD Right pads one string with another, to a specific length. TRIM Removes trailing and leading spaces from the given string.

ACOS Returns the arc cosine of the given number. ASIN Returns the arc sine of the given number. ATAN Returns the arc tangent of one or 2 given numbers. ATAN2 Return the arc tangent of 2 given numbers. AVG Returns the average value of the given expression. CEIL Returns the closest whole number integer upwards from a given decimal point number. COS Returns the cosine of a given number. COT Returns the cotangent of a given number. DIV Allows you to divide integers. EXP Returns e to the power of the given number.

MAX Returns the highest value from a set of values. MIN Returns the lowest value from a set of values. MOD Returns the remainder of the given number divided by the other given number. PI Returns PI. POW Returns the value of the given number raised to the power of the other given number. RAND Returns a random number. SIGN Returns the sign of the given number.

SIN Returns the sine of the given number. SQRT Returns the square root of the given number. SUM Returns the value of the given set of values combined. TAN Returns the tangent of the given number. DATE Extracts the date from a datetime expression. DAY Returns the day for the given date. HOUR Return the hour from the given date. TIME Returns the time from a given time or datetime. WEEK Returns the week number for the given date. YEAR Returns the year from the given date. CAST Convert one type into another.

CONV Convert the given number from one numeric base system into another. Example: Lists the number of users with active orders, but only include users with more than 3 active orders. In relational databases, there is a concept of primary and foreign keys. In SQL tables, these are included as constraints, where a table can have a primary key, a foreign key, or both. A primary key allows each record in a table to be uniquely identified.

There can only be one primary key per table, and you can assign this constraint to any single or combination of columns. However, this means each value within this column s must be unique. This means the value increases automatically as new records are created.

A foreign key can be applied to one column or many and is used to link 2 tables together in a relational database. As seen in the diagram below, the table containing the foreign key is called the child key, whilst the table which contains the referenced key, or candidate key, is called the parent table. Indexes are attributes that can be assigned to columns that are frequently searched against to make data retrieval a quicker and more efficient process.

This is because when indexed columns are updated, the index itself must also be updated. In SQL, a JOIN clause is used to return a results set which combines data from multiple tables, based on a common column which is featured in both of them. In the following example, an inner join will be used to create a new unifying view combining the orders table and then 3 different tables. A view is essentially a SQL results set that get stored in the database under a label, so you can return to it later, without having to rerun the query.

These are especially useful when you have a costly SQL query which may be needed a number of times, so instead of running it over and over to generate the same results set, you can just do it once and save it as a view.

This makes SQL a valuable language to know, as it allows you to create more complex, functional websites, and systems. Follow us:. Subscribe to our Newsletter Once a week, no spam.

Your email address will not be published. Thank you for sharing!! That way it will be really helpful even for those trying to learn beyond beginner SQL. Thanks for the suggestion! For now, you can get more info on triggers, stored procedures and more from this resource. Thank you! Coming from accounting background, those tables definitely look appealing to me.

You definitely have convinced me to learn this soon. I was wondering if this is the thing I need to learn if: 1. Like they would suggest which phone we should buy based on the options we selected and some phone models will appear. Want to make a suggestion based on their answers from questions asked. It definitely fits your ecstatic and the season. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience and serve personalized content.

10 SQL Tricks That You Didn’t Think Were Possible

Most developers, when writing in SQL , tend to spend too much time coding. While this is okay for projects that have the luxury of an easy deadline, the norm is that most database management systems require that their projects be completed within very tight deadlines. In such scenarios, there are always tips and tricks to help speed up the process of coding without compromising on the quality. This is a no-brainer. When using any software to code in SQL, configuring the preferences according to your needs is crucial.

Explore a new genre. Burn through a whole series in a weekend. Let Grammy award-winning narratorstransform your commute. Broaden your horizons with an entire library, all your own. The demand for SQL information and training continues to grow with the need for a database behind every website capable of offering web-based information queries.

SQL Cheat Sheet

Oracle database plsql users guide and reference oracle docs. Best plsql and sql tips to use when working with oracle database. The powerful decode function oracle sql tips, tricks and hacks.

It is always a good idea to keep your bag of sql tricks filled with techniques to help you deal with troubling application development problems. To test out the steps provided in this article, you need sql server management studio, access to a sql server, and an adventureworks database.

Listicles like these do work — not only do they attract attention, if the content is also valuable and in this case it is, trust me , the article format can be extremely entertaining. This article will bring you 10 SQL tricks that many of you might not have thought were possible. You may quote me on this:. In order to understand the value of these 10 SQL tricks, it is first important to understand the context of the SQL language.

This article shows you how to:. You can comment and uncomment portions of your text by using the Comment button on the toolbar. Text that is commented out is not executed.

Splunk does not distinguish NULL and empty values. If you want to replace NULL value by a well identified value you can use fillnull or eval commands. You can consult your database's documentation about this function for details.

Complete Microsoft SQL Server Secrets & Tips for Professionals

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