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all major and minor scales piano pdf

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There seemed something a bit magical and comforting in this routine: playing a pattern in one key, and then repeating it in another key, necessarily adjusting hand position and utilizing different fingering choices, getting the same overall sound, but with a sudden freshness. My piano teacher wrote out all 12 major scales , chord progressions, cadences, chord inversions and arpeggios for me when I was a little girl. But she did it by hand!

The natural major scale is basically an outline of all the notes in the major key. For example, all the notes in the key of C major are in the C major scale:. The natural major scale consists of whole steps between successive scale tones save for the 3rd and 4th tones and the 7th and 8th tones where there are half-steps. C natural major scale: Db natural major scale: D natural major scale: Eb natural major scale: E natural major scale: F natural major scale: Gb natural major scale: G natural major scale: Ab natural major scale: A natural major scale: Bb natural major scale: B natural major scale:. The natural minor scale is basically an outline of all the notes in the minor key.

The 3 Types of Minor Scales in Music

Each major key uses a different set of notes its major scale. In each major scale, however, the notes are arranged in the same major scale pattern and build the same types of chords that have the same relationships with each other. See Beginning Harmonic Analysis for more on this. So music that is in, for example, C major, will not sound significantly different from music that is in, say, D major. But music that is in D minor will have a different quality, because the notes in the minor scale follow a different pattern and so have different relationships with each other. Music in minor keys has a different sound and emotional feel, and develops differently harmonically. So you can't, for example, transpose a piece from C major to D minor or even to C minor without changing it a great deal.

There are not one but three Minor scales, all presented here with keyboard diagrams, notes and fingerings. The three groups of Minor scales are:. This scale can be confusing because it is in a way identical to the Major Scale. The A Minor Scale include exactly the same notes as the C Major Scale which makes them relative keys read more about this further down the page. See also arpeggios. This is theoretically correct since it is preferable to avoid the same letter twice.

Free major and minor scales for piano sheet music

In Western music , the adjectives major and minor may describe an chord , scale , or key. As such, a composition , movement , section , or phrase may be referred to by its key, including whether that key is major or minor. Some intervals may be referred to as major and minor. A major interval is one semitone larger than a minor interval. The words perfect , diminished , and augmented are also used to describe the quality of an interval.

To understand how to form music scales, you need to understand the concept of whole steps and half steps. The formula is whole — whole — half — whole — whole — whole — half or w-w-h-w-w-w-h. A whole step always skips a key. For instance, the distance between C and D is a whole step, the distance between B flat and C is a whole step, and so on. The note C sharp D flat has been skipped in the first example, and B has been skipped in the second. A half step never skips a key — you go to the next key. For instance, the distance between C and C sharp D flat is a half step, the distance between E and F is a half step, and so on.

minor scale starting on any note of the piano. The scales featured in this cheatsheet are all natural minor scales, but there are other derivatives of the minor scale.

Major and minor

Many of us are navigating this new territory of learning how to teach online due to the COVID pandemic. Start by drawing around the hands of the child on a sheet of paper, or alternatively you can print the finger chart shown below by clicking on the picture to print. Watch the video piano lesson above and follow along! Learn how to play piano scales in major, minor and other interesting modes. First published in Boulogne, in , The Virtuoso Pianist is Hanon's most well-known work, and is still widely used by piano instructors and pupils.

Piano Music Scales – Major & Minor

Piano Minor Scales

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All Major And Minor Scales

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36 Minor Scales PDF

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Chapter 2: Major and Minor Scales and Keys. Section M AJOR AND N ATURAL M INOR. S CALES FOR P IANO. Right hand fingerings above, left hand​.

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Are you trying to learn all the major and minor scales on the piano but are slightly confused?