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Seismic exploration is the search for commercially economic subsurface deposits of crude oil, natural gas and minerals by the recording, processing, and interpretation of artificially induced shock waves in the earth. Artificial seismic energy is generated on land by vibratory mechanisms mounted on specialized trucks. Seismic waves reflect and refract off subsurface rock formations and travel back to acoustic receivers called geophones. The travel times measured in milliseconds of the returned seismic energy, integrated with existing borehole well information, aid geoscientists in estimating the structure folding and faulting and stratigraphy rock type, depositional environment, and fluid content of subsurface formations, and determine the location of prospective drilling targets. In two-dimensional 2D reflection seismic surveying both the sound source and the sound detectors numbering up to a hundred or more per shot are moved along a straight line.

The advantage of 3D visualization for 2D seismic interpretation

Mokhles, A. Belayim oil fields represent one of the most giant and oldest oil fields in the Gulf of Suez rift basin that occupies an area of Km 2. A total average of production rate of about , barrels oil per day have been discovered since through the continuous exploration and development efforts. The evolution of exploration play concept in this field passed through five Phases. The integration of 2D and 3D application suggested a new phase of exploration with result from the interpretation of the basin modeling in the Gulf of Suez. The geological and 2D seismic integrated studies in the field reflected a matter of complexity in the Miocene and pre-Miocene structures. The 3D seismic had upgraded the data quality and increased the confidence in the data interpretations to decipher the complex fault shapes and intersections.

2D/3D Seismic Interpretation

In addition to providing excellent structural images, the dense sampling of 2D and 3D survey can sometimes make it possible to map reservoir quality and the distribution of hydrocarbon with well-marked limitations. Here we use 2D and 3D seismic data to map and interpret basic structures and fault lines to construct 2D and 3D base fault models of the Gullfaks field, while avoiding common pitfalls. This work also highlights important concepts and principles that allow selection, interpretation and simulation of particular areas containing hydrocarbon traps through the comparison of different maps such as time structure, amplitude and coherence. Based on all the selected horizons, constructed maps and dominant fault construction models 2D and 3D , we show the presence of a major fault that cuts five horizons of the area of interest. Ductile deformation at the bottom of seismic lines shows the fluctuation of amplitude of acoustic signals in seismic lines. Our results demonstrate uplift along the major fault during extension indicated by chaotic distortion at the bottom, which reveals a gas trap. In the Gullfaks field, termination of fault movement and subsequent deformation appears to have occurred for a long period of time.

Key interpretation skills covered are well log correlation, synthetic seismogram generation, well-to-seismic tie, time-to-depth conversion, fault interpretation, seismic horizon interpretation and mapping. Innovative Petrotech Solutions, Inc Use effectively all other means of seismic calibration including geological data and non-seismic geophysical methods. Basics of seismic interpretation 1 By: Amir I. Basic seismic interpretation procedure was applied to a 2D seismic data set. This chapter ends with 1. Basic Seismic Interpretation by Donald A. Herron and Robert C.

PDF | 2D and 3D seismic data have emerged as a key tool in the oil and gas industry to Keywords Seismic attributes Fault interpretation.

2D and 3D seismic simulation for fault modeling: exploratory revision from the Gullfaks field

Presented by Dr. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Last autumn Brian Romans asked about books on seismic interpretation. In addition, it should prove useful toward thoughtful applications of those data by geotechnical engineers. On the other hand, unsupervised classification is less limited and does not need the desired answer to be known in advance in order to understand the pattern in the data.

Seismic sequence stratigraphic interpretation relates the pattern of reflections observed to a model of cyclic episodes of deposition. Innovative Petrotech Solutions, Inc Use effectively all other means of seismic calibration including geological data and non-seismic geophysical methods. Basics of Seismic Interpretation Much more than documents. Basic Seismic Interpretation by Donald A.

Seismic Interpretation - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation. It is rare that the correctness or incorrectness of an interpretation can be ascertained, because the actual geology is rarely known in enough detail. I don't know what sort of light this. Basics of seismic interpretation 1 By: Amir I.

Petrel Seismic Interpretation

Seismic surveys EOSYS carries out conventional or very high resolution land and marine reflexion seismic data acquisition campaigns, using sources of all types dynamite, weight drop, vibratory or marine sources. The dataset used for this case consists of 19 densely spaced 2D seismic lines in the rifting center of SOT Fig.

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Petrel Seismic Interpretation enables basin-, prospect-, and field-scale 2D and 3D seismic interpretation and mapping.

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