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hyper v 2012 r2 interview questions and answers pdf

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11 Best Hyper V Interview Questions Answers

MCSA job interviews are always brainstorming and significant for the applicants. Having being unbeaten in the MCSA interview questions denotes that the candidate has found the carrier to their dream career.

Job interviews are always stressful. IntelliMirror helps to reconcile desktop settings, applications and stored files for users especially for those users who move between workstations or those who works offline. To look up for the information from the server, e-mail and another program follows or uses the internet protocol. Ping: To check the connection between the local computer and any of the other computer device on the network Ping command is used. WDE Windows Deployment Services allows you to install client and server operating systems over the network to any computer with a PXE enabled network interface.

The application partitions are a part of the Active Directory system and having said so, they are directory partitions which are replicated to domain controllers. Usually, domain controllers that are included in the process of directory partitions hold a replica of that directory partition.

The attributes and values of application partitions is that you can replicate them to any specific domain controller in a forest, meaning that it could lessen replication traffic. While the domain directory partitions transfer all their data to all of the domains, the application partitions can focus on only one in the domain area. This makes application partitions redundant and more available. To give some time for the deployment and realization of one Terminal Server license server, the server will provide a licensing grace period.

This grace period will allow you and the server to accept unlicensed clients without requiring further permission from the licensed server. The period will automatically start when you receive your first client and the licensing period will extend until you get a licensing server. The RD gateway is a remote-desktop gateway.

If gateway was the access point to the internet, the remote-desktop gateway allows users from a private network to join it through the RD-gateway, using the remote-desktop connection. Windows Server Backup is a feature released for the Windows that provides a number of solutions on backing up the data on your computer in case of a system failure or any other issue.

Windows Server Backup can backup a few files to a whole server. The server backup is accessible through command lines and a management console.

Synthetic drives are different and better than the emulation ones in their functions. Direct Access enables users to access the websites, applications and internal network file shares securely without the need to connect to a virtual private network VPN. An internal network is also called a private network or intranet. Every time a Direct Access-enabled computer connects to the Internet, even if this happens before the user logs on, Direct Access sets up bi-directional connectivity with an internal network.

Users do not have to think about connecting to the intranet. The remote computers can be managed outside the office by the IT administrators, even when the computers are not connected to the VPN. It uses centralized policies to permit administrators to review who has access to individual files. Files can be classified manually or automatically. A pass through disc is a physical disc used for storing virtual discs and it has a disc format and file system.

Desktop virtualization is a logical procedure to isolate and extract the OS or system from the client that is ready to access it. There are many types of desktop virtualizations some of which include virtual machines while some do not. If the operating system is locally controlled, users have to access their desktop through a network relating to a remote display protocol. The processing of the desktop virtualization is done in a data center. So, applications like tablets can join Host virtual machine.

This virtual machine can be accessed by an individual and can be personalized the way he wants it. This is the most common and simplest way of accessing and using a desktop virtualization. The remote computer uses cache of data that is maintained locally to reduce traffic over a LAN link.

The cache can be stored on a server in the branch Hosted Cache mode or can be distributed across client computers Distributed Cache mode. When we create group we are supposed to define type and scope for group.

Type will define wheathere group can be used to assign permissions on resources or not. We can create a group of type security and distributed wherein security group can be used to assign permission and distributed group used for listing purposes.

We do take backups to provision fault tolerance. There are two ways to restore active directory backup- authoritative and non authoritative. When there is a hardware or software failure we can restore the backup and let other DCs to replicate the restored one.

This is non authoritative backup. Which is a default one. If some object gets deleted by mistake and the changes not yet propagated to all DCs then we pick one DC where e can still find this object. But here not whole directory is not restored instead the specific object can be made authoritative. Suppose if I delete some objects and the domain controller is offline, then it wont receive any replication because of which the object still persist in offline DC.

If server is down for the period of tombstone lifetime then it will be termed as lingering object. Active directory database is stored in ntds. In order to optimize data storage , active directory automatically performs defragmentation every 12 hrs. Which will allow reclaiming space to store new objects. This can cause a lot of traffic so run it carefully. It is a tool which provides access to active directory objects and its attributes. We can manage using this tool. Microsoft sometimes provides a complete replacement for multiple updates called superseded updates.

You may need this update when you are installing new PC and want to patch it with latest updates. WSUS does not by default decline superseded updates. We need to make sure that superseded updates are no longer needed by your machines and then you can decline them. When you enable express updates it will only download the changes between current month CU and previous updates. Using express update feature reduces bandwidth while downloading updates.

Cumulative updates includes previously released bundle of updates. USN is called as Update sequence Number. When we make changes to the object USN increments and during AD replication higher version only will retain. It is default restore method.

When there is a server crash, we can simply restore the latest backup of server. When server comes up it gets replicated by other DCs and gets sync. Blue screen error will cause system to restart or shutdown unexpectedly. It will display the blue screen with indication of some kernel module fault.

I can be caused by wrong device drivers, or malfunctioning of hardware components. It is single sign on service which provides authentication for the users who want to access applications outside the forest.

We use federation service when we want to provide access to users from other organizations without the need to create their account in our directory. It is fault tolerance technique used to provide redundancy which ultimately provide protection from data loss. We have several RAID levels in through which we can achieve fault tolerance.

If we want to stop mirroring on selected volume then we should say Break Mirror. It will not erase data on volume. If you want to get extra space then simply use remove mirror option as it will flush data on selected disk. Sysprep Tool is used while capturing image of machine which will be deployed on multiple machines without creating duplicate SIDs.

Active directory is a service available in windows server by using which we can create domain. It allows the user accounts to be created on server in active directory database. And it allows central management of users and devices in the domain. When we delete any object from active directory , it still remain it database for days and can be easily restored before getting deleted permanently.

This operation is performed on PDC. Certificate Authority can Revoke cancel certificate before expiration so that they can not be trusted any longer. The certification Revocation list can be published by Certificate Authority. What is the reason? Nano server is smallest version of windows specially developed by Microsoft for cloud applications and for containers. HyperV shielding is feature which protects VMs from getting tampered by unauthorized access.

It used secure boot and Bitlocker features. What can be done in this situation? Online certificate status protocol determines status of digital certificate without the need of downloading certificate revocation list. The AD database is stored on domain controllers and can be accessed by network applications.

All domains can be domain controllers and have a copy of the AD database. The Global Catalog is distributed data which holds information about every little thing in all the domain controllers in all the domains in Active Directory domain services. Simply said, the global catalog is a domain controller which holds all the data from Active Directory elements in one forest.

The global catalog is usually located on the domain controllers and every domain controller can be set up to maintain a function of becoming a global catalog server. GPO is short for Group Policy Objects, but before explaining group policy objects, first we must focus on group policy in general. What is group policy?

25+ REAL-TIME MCSA Interview Questions & Answers [ STEP-IN ]

MCSA job interviews are always brainstorming and significant for the applicants. Having being unbeaten in the MCSA interview questions denotes that the candidate has found the carrier to their dream career. Job interviews are always stressful. IntelliMirror helps to reconcile desktop settings, applications and stored files for users especially for those users who move between workstations or those who works offline. To look up for the information from the server, e-mail and another program follows or uses the internet protocol.

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Replication is a process in active directory which keeps domain controller syncs with other DC over the network. Domain Controller is used in windows based operating systems for security authentication of users, computers etc. It is a central database for storing users account information and security enforcement. For example, DC helps which users to allow or deny the access to a particular folder in a particular domain.

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15 Microsoft Virtual Server Interview Questions and Answers

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Domain role: All servers in the cluster must be in the same Active Directory domain, all clustered servers should have the same domain role. Domain controllers: We recommend that your clustered servers be member servers. If they are, other servers will be the domain controllers in the domain that contains your failover cluster. Account for administering the cluster: When you first create a cluster or add servers to it, you must be logged on to the domain with an account that has domain admin rights. But we can change the location using hyper v setting.

What is the purpose of having AD? Answer: Active directory is a directory service that identifies all resources on a network and makes that information available to users and services. The Main purpose of AD is to control and authenticate network resources. Explain about sysvol folder?

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Server Fault is a question and answer site for system and network administrators. My goal is to upgrade my current R2 3-node hyper- v cluster to server ​.

Hyper-V: Questions and Answers

After the Hyper-V conference, I was asked some questions which I would now like to share with you. Drivers and Synthetic Hardware. How can I tell if the hardware in my virtual machine is emulated or synthetic? How do I set up virtual networks?

These 15 solved MS Virtual Server questions will help you prepare for technical interviews and online selection tests conducted during campus placement for freshers and job interviews for professionals. After reading these tricky MS Virtual Server questions , you can easily attempt the objective type and multiple choice type questions on this topic. How Microsoft virtual server manages the virtualization platform? Microsoft virtual server provides virtualization platform that allows the creation of virtual machine using a windows operating system.

An active directory is a directory structure used on Microsoft Windows based servers and computers to store data and information about networks and domains. Forest is used to define an assembly of AD domains that share a single schema for the AD. The contents such as users, group policy, etc.

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