Electrical And Electronic Mea Urementand In Trumentation By A K Awhney Pdf

electrical and electronic mea urementand in trumentation by a k awhney pdf

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Measurements System

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Home current Explore. Words: 48, Pages: Transformers — principle — constructional details — parts — types core and shell type — applications. Unit V : Measuring Instruments and Wiring Circuits Basic principles of indicating instruments — moving iron and moving coil instrument — voltmeters and ammeters — dynamometer type wattmeter — induction type energy meter.

Text Book 1. Thyagarajan, K. Sendur Chelvi and T. Paranjothi S. Nagrath I. J and Kothari D. H Publishing Co. Sudhakar A. Theraja B. L and Theraja A.

Say M. Domestic wiring — accessories — types — staircase wiring — fluorescent tube circuit — simple layout — earthing — megger — induction type energy meter. Computers Introduction of computer — generation of computers — organization of computers — input and output devices — memory — types of memory. Single phase and three phase transformers — three phase and single phase induction motors — constructional details and basic principles — applications.

Sensors: Basic sensors — transducers — active — passive — sensitivity — resolution — strain gauge — load cell — LVDT — photo cell — capacitive — inductive transducers — principles of measurement system. Louis M. I, 3. Morston R. Sawhney A. Unit II : Sinusoidal Steady State Analysis Phasor- sinusoidal steady state response -concepts of impedance and admittance -analysis of simple circuits- power and power factor -series resonance and parallel resonance - bandwidth and Q factor.

Solution of three-phase balanced circuits -power measurements by twowattmeter methods - solution of three phase unbalanced circuits. Edminister, J. Hyatt, W. Sudhakar, A. Power Measurement by two wattmeter method Active and Passive filters Power measurement by three ammeter and three voltmeter Study of resonance and circuit transients by Digital Simulation.

Study of unbalanced circuits using symmetrical components balanced circuit with unbalanced source only 9. Measurement of two port parameters 9.

Exercises in house wiring, power wiring and earthing. Winding of AC motors - Single phase and three-phase induction type Trouble shooting in electrical machines equipment and instruments. Use of Earth megger Different types of switches and lamps used in wiring circuit. Study of domestic appliances like mixie, wet grinder, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, table fan, monoblock pump, single phase motor, sewing machines, iron box, water heater, emergency lamp, telephone, PC, printer, stabilizer, domestic power generator.

Unit III : Network Topology Network graph, tree and cut-sets -tie set and cut-set schedules -v-shift and I-shift- Primitive impedance and admittance matrices -Application to network solutions.

Filters and attenuators -Design of constant -k, m-derived and composite filters -qualitative treatment of active filters -Butterworth and Chebyshev filters. Reference 1. Van Valkenburg, M. New Delhi, John D. William H. Hayt, Jr. Joseph A. Gangadhar K. David J. Unit IV : Induction Motors Constructional features — operating principle of three phase induction motors squirrel cage and slip ring — slip torque characteristics — starters — speed control methods.

Unit V : Special Machines Tachogenerator - AC and DC servomotor — stepper motor — single phase induction motor — linear induction motor — push button switches - contactors — relays — sequential circuits — ladder diagram — selection of motors. Say, M. Rajput, R. Nagrath, I. Theraja, B. II, 22nd Edition, Series and parallel resonant circuits. Load test on alternators Synchronous motor characteristics Load test on three phase induction motors Load characteristics of a single phase induction motors.

House wiring and earthing. Unit : III Principle of operation - constructional features of single phase transformer - emf equation transformer on no load and load - effects of resistance and leakage reactance of the windings - phasor diagram - equivalent circuit — regulation. Text Books 1. Open Circuit and load characteristics of a separately excited DC Generator. Open Circuit and load characteristics of DC Shunt generator 3.

Load characteristics of DC compound generator 4. Load test on DC shunt motor 5. Load test on DC series motor 6. Speed control of DC Shunt motor 7. Swinburne's Test 8. Study of DC motor starters 9. Load test on single phase transformer Open circuit and short circuit test on single phase transformer Separation of no load losses in a single phase transformer Sumpner's Test Three Phase connections Scott connection Transfer function of separately excited DC generator.

Transfer function of field controlled DC motor. Transfer function of armature controlled DC motor. Unit : IV Three phase induction motors - principle of operation - constructional details - constant flux operation - torque -slip characteristics-maximum torque-effect of rotor resistance -losses and efficiency -constant voltage operation -equivalent circuit - circle diagram - no load and blocked rotor tests -starters - speed control - induction generators.

Mukherjee, P. K and Chakravarti,S. Bhattacharya, S. L and Theraja, A. Limited, New Delhi, Vol. Operation of alternator on infinite busbar 3. V-curve for synchronous motor 4. Load test on three phase and single-phase induction motor 5.

No load and blocked rotor tests on three phase induction motors 6. Speed control of three-phase induction motors 7. Load test on synchronous induction motor 8. Load test on three phase induction generators 9. Study and control of stepper motor Study on brushless alternator. Measurement of transient and sub-transient reactance in direct and quadrature axis. Predetermination of performance characteristics of three-phase induction motor using computer.

Synchronous Machines: Short circuit ratio - air gap length - salient pole rotor cylindrical rotor. Sawhney, A. Albert E.

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The 20 revised full papers presented together with 3 keynotes, 7 short papers, and 10 demonstration papers, were thoroughly reviewed and selected from a total of 62 research submissions and 11 demonstration submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on spatial and flow networks, integrity and security, uncertain data and new technologies, indexing and monitoring moving objects, advanced queries, as well as on models and languages. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Conference proceedings SSTD

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Subject Name Credit. U Generation of alternating EMF Equation of alternating voltage Alternating quantity current or voltage Cycle Time period Frequency- Maximum value Average value Root mean square value Form factor and peak factor phase and phase difference synchronous generator principle construction and applications. Transformers principle.

Advances in Spatial and Temporal Databases

Embed Size px x x x x UNIT-I: Ordinary differential equations:- Completer solution, Operator D,Rules for finding complementary function, the inverse oprator, Rules for finding the particular integral, Method of variations of parameters, Cauchys and Legendres linear differential equations. Simultaneous linear differential equations with constant co-efficient, Applications to electrical circuits. UNIT-II : Laplace transforms: definition, standard forms, properties of Laplace transform, inverse Laplace transform, initial and final value theorem, Convolution theorem, Laplace transform of impulse function, Unit step function, Laplace transforms of periodic function. UNIT-V : Vector calculus: Scalar and vector point functions, Differentiation of vectors, Curves in space ,Gradient of a scalar point function, and their physical meaning, expansion formulae with out proof. Wartikar and J.

This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Words: 48, Pages:

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Advances in Spatial and Temporal Databases

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Advisory Electrical Engineering book.pdf

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Advances in Spatial and Temporal Databases

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Advances in Spatial and Temporal Databases

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Только в прошлом месяце благодаря ТРАНСТЕКСТУ удалось предотвратить одну из самых изощренных террористических акций, с которыми приходилось сталкиваться агентству. Некая антиправительственная организация разработала план под кодовым названием Шервудский лес.


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st 3. Rajput, R.K, “Electrical Machines”, Laxmi publications, New Delhi 1 edition, y it s r e v. Reference Books 1. Nagrath, I.J., “Electric Machines”, Tata.

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Ernest O.

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Advisory Electrical Engineering chezchevaux.org - Free ebook download as Root mean square value Form factor and peak factor phase and phase difference Unit V: Wiring Circuits, Instruments and Power Conditioning Equipments Sawhney A.K., A Course in Electrical and Electronic Measurements and. n.

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Measurements System - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online General Concepts 1 Meaning of Static Calibration 41 Measurement-​System Parameters Velocity by Electrical Differentiation of Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation - chezchevaux.org