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basic biotechnology by colin ratledge and bjorn kristiansen pdf

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Citric Acid Biotechnology

This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is wrongfully on our website, we offer a simple DMCA procedure to remove your content from our site. Start by pressing the button below! Basic Biotechnology 2 ed Home Basic Biotechnology 2 ed.

BaSK Biotechnology Biotechnology impinges on everyone-'s lives. It is one oftlle maJor rechnologies oftbe twenty.. Basic Blo:t'chtwlogyis a textbook. The fundamental aspects lhat Uflderpin biotechnoiogy are explained through examples fiom me pbarmaceutical, food and environmental industries. Olapters on the public pen::eption ofbiot. Tmany H.

Consumers demonstrate coneern abour 'unknowo' health risks, possible deleterious effects on the envirooment and lhe ' ullllaturalness' oftransfening genes between uorelated spedes. Also for many people there is an inereasingconcern about me ever. While genetic engineering is aD irnmensely compLicated subject, not easily explained in lay terms, that does not mean that it must remain. Whatthen mustbedone toadvance public understandingofgenetic engineering in the cont. Effcctive communication about tbe benefits and risks ofgenetic engineering will depend on understandjng the underJying concems of he public together with any foreseeable technical risks.

Over recentyeaI"S tbe.. Eurobarometers and Consensus Conferences. Early studies rughlighted public artitudes to!

While medical applications were more generally a. Eurobarometer surveys revealed a broad spectrum of opinions t bat were influenced by na. A major contriburory factor is the plurality ofbeliefs and viewpoints thar are held explicitly or implicitly abau!. Do we view Nature. In this way, food plants and animals bear little resemblance ro their predecessors.

In essence, such cbanges have been driven by the needs a od demands of tbepublic or consumer, and have beeo readily accepted bythem. A great many sucb. Can such products with 'unnatural' gene changes lead to unforescen problems roc present and future gener.

The safetyofthehuman foorl su pply is ofcritical importance to most nations and all foods mould be fit forconsumption Le. When foods oc food ingredients are derived from GMOs tbey mustbe seen to be as safe as. The concept oC subrtantial equivalence is widely applied in the detennination ofsafety by comparison with analogous CODVl!

Thus tbere must be tnxicological alld Jlutritiona l guidance in the cvolution ofnovel food s and ingredients to bighlight any potential risks whic:h can tben be dea lt: with appropriately. A comprehensive regulatory framework is now in p lace within tbe EU with the aim to pr'otet:t human health and the environrnent from adverse activities involving GMOs.

AH programmes must carry out detailed lisk assessmenrs witb 7 8 SM1TH spedal emphasis 00 the organism thar is being modified aud the effect ofthe modificatioo. Such regulations will cover the release into me environment ofGMOs foc experimental purposes Le. Current examples could inelude the growingofGM food crop planes orthe marketingofGM soya beans for food processing.

TIIe reguJatioll defines a nowl foad as one that has llot previously been coruumed ro a signific:mt degree within the EU. By such means it llopes ro dispe1 any misgivings mat may be harboured by memben of the publk.

The ultimare decisions are nor influenced by industrial pressurc and are based entirely on safety factors. Thereis undoubtedly going ro be a steady increase in the range ofGM foods coming to tbe market in the US and in Europe rabIe 1.

A comprehensive HU regulatory framework covering GMOs is now firrnly established and the specific legislarion now in force will ensure the safety ofCM foods. In aU ofthe foregoing. However, ir must be recogni5ed thar subject experts define risk in a narrow technical way. Furtbermore, the public, in general.

Ir is puz:. Monsanto Ca. Ciba Geigy Corp. Calgene Agrfvo Ine. Agrf vo Ine. Du Pont Dekalb Genetic; Corp. Agritope Ine. Calgene BejoZaden Cenon Chicory rend to be perceived as high i. Monsanto Co. With respeet to the principie oflabclling. Labelling ofa productwill only be relevane iftbe con sumer is ablt' to understand he information printed the labels. The Food a nd Drug Administration of tbe USA considers thar labelling should n othe based on the way a particular pl'oduct is obtained.

Thisis, orshould be, a part ofno rmal approval for agricultural practice orindustrial processes. Clase eonsultation wjth a wide range ofre1igious fuims strongly suggested lhat there were no overwheJming objections to necessitate an absolute ban on tbe use of food prodUClS containing copy genes oC human origino Ibis was particularly notlceable when the conce pt of the copy gene was understood.

The report, however. Baste research into the natwe of genes, how Chey work and how they can be ttansferred between organisms has served to underpin the developm ent of rhe rechnology of genetic modificabon, [n tbis way. Ethical concems and risk perceptions associated wi t h different appllcationJ orgenetic engineering: intcTrelationship with the.

V me eell. We can also distinguish between organisms which ca. Substrate tlOmsformatio ns for anaerobic organisms are essentiaUy disproport:i. The difference can be illustrated with an organism 5uch as yeast. Saccharomyces cereviSiae , wbicb is a facultative anaerobe - that is, ir can exist either aerobicaUy or anaerobically. Transforming glucase at the same rate, aerobic yeast gives COl' watfi and a relatively high yield of new yeast. A1so it is nat possible or the eeUs. NAO stands for nicotillamide ade.

A ce:U that grows obviouslyuses carbon but manyother elemen ts are needed to make up the final composition ofthe cell. The: dynamics ofthe sysrem are set out in Fig. These key intermediates, of which the most important is adenosine triphospbare, ATP Fig. Directly or indirectly the potential energy released by splitting chis bond is used fur the bond. Molecules such as ATP then provide me 'energycurrency' ofme cell.

Purines, pyrimldinE Porphyrim tnc. This is the pentase pbosphate patb sometirnes referred te as a 'shunf or as the hexost' monophosp pathway see fig. During tlle most active! Is down and less N,Il and C5 and C4 sugarphospbat"es are needed so tbat tbe ratio betwee pathways nowmoves ro or even to Ir is therefore apparent mat metabolic pathways are control systems capable ofconsiderable refinement to meet tbe eh anging 1 ofthe eell.

Although lhe EMP and PP pathways are found in mon n organisms, a few bacteria have an alternative pathway to the fe patbway. This is the Enrner-Doudoroff pathway see Fig. The fate ofpyruvate is diffe:rent in aerobic organisms aud anaerobic ones. It is capable oC generating a large number of intermediates but iu principal though Dot sale tate is to be progressively oxidised through a cyelic series ofrcactions knOWD as the citrJc acid cyde.

TIris is also known as the tricarboxyUc acid cyde or me Krebs cycle after its discoverer. The reacrions ofthe amc acid cyde are shown in Fig. However tbe citric acid cycle canDOt fulfil either funcD oll exdusively: ifintermediates are removed fur biosynthesis. In meeting its twin objectives. It is therefore essenti The former enzyme cleaves isocitrate mto succli:! The latter enzyme rhen uses a second acetyl-COA if zdd te the gIyoxylate to give malate.

The a::rivity ofborb e nzymesincreases by sorne 20 to 50 times under such growth conditions. The application ofmicro-org. Pyluvate Entner--Doudoroff pathwly. Numbered enzyrna 11,.. X ' ATP. To illustrate this diversity, the exa. The ability ofmicro. The difference betweeo 3D Di! TIle oils, when added to microbiaJ cull'ures, are initially hydrolysed by aUpase enzyme into ils constituent f.

The fany acids are raken iota the ceU aod immediately converted into their coenzyme A thioesters. The fatty acyl-CoA esters are degraded in a cyclic sequcnce of reactious sce Fig.


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Basic Biotechnology 2 ed

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The reference to the textbook on biological statistics: udel. Innate and adaptive immunity. Mechanical, chemical and biological microbial barriers.

Basic Biotechnology

Ratledge C., Kristiansen B. (Eds.)-Basic Biotechnology-Cambridge University Press (2006)

Biotechnology is one of the major technologies of the twenty-first century. Its wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary activities include recombinant DNA techniques, cloning and the application of microbiology to the production of goods from bread to an Grundlegende, leicht verstandliche Einfuhrung in das Modelling der Fermentationskinetik mit praktischen Lernhilfen. Citric acid biotechnology is the subject of both industrial and academic interest. For a long time the production of citric acid was one of the driving forces in industrial biotechnology, lying in the interface between old and new technology. Now, not only is citric acid biotechnology of great industrial and economic importance, it is also used to illustrate biotechnological principles at undergraduate level.

Its wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary activities include recombinant DNA techniques, cloning and the application of microbiology and other cell culture technologies to the production of a wide range of goods from bread to antibiotics. It continues to revolutionise treatment of many diseases, and it is used to provide clean technologies and to deal with environmental problems. This new edition of Basic Biotechnology uniquely combines biology and bioprocessing topics to provide a complete overview of biotechnology.

Bjorn Kristiansen , Colin Ratledge Herausgeber. Biotechnology is one of the major technologies of the twenty-first century. Its wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary activities include recombinant DNA techniques, cloning and the application of microbiology to the production of goods from bread to antibiotics. In this new edition of the textbook Basic Biotechnology, biology and bioprocessing topics are uniquely combined to provide a complete overview of biotechnology. The fundamental principles that underpin all biotechnology are explained and a full range of examples are discussed to show how these principles are applied, from starting substrate to final product. A distinctive feature of this text are the discussions of the public perception of biotechnology and the business of biotechnology, which set the science in a broader context. This comprehensive textbook is essential reading for all students of biotechnology and applied microbiology, and for researchers in biotechnology industries.

Ratledge C., Kristiansen B. (eds.)-basic Biotechnology-cambridge University Press (2006)

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