5 Minute Veterinary Consult Canine And Feline Pdf

5 minute veterinary consult canine and feline pdf

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Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline 6th Edition PDF 2016

Provides fast access to key information on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions in dogs and cats Covers specific disorders, making it the most comprehensive quick-reference book on canine and feline medicine Carefully designed for fast searching and reference in the busy practice setting, giving you the confidence to make clinical decisions quickly and appropriately Presents contributions from leading experts specializing in all areas of veterinary medicine Includes access to a companion website with client education handouts for you to download and use in practice, plus images and video clips nFeatures:.

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Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline, 6th Edition

Fast access to key information on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions in dogs and cats. Based on the latest print edition. Built-in calculators. Editor : Larry P. Smith, Jr. As a Veterinarian, I regularly refer this app.

T he treatment for a particular condition may evolve as medical advances are made; therefore, the medications should not be considered as all inclusive. KEY POINTS Zoonoses diseases that can be passed from animals to people can be causes of abortion or pregnancy loss in cats; discuss the potential of a zoonosis causing your cats abortion or pregnancy loss with your pets veterinarian Maintain careful records of reproductive performance for each queen and for the cattery Establish disease surveillance and control measures; may require significant changes in cattery management and breeding stock selection For breeding catsconsider risks and possible side effects associated with non-surgical solutions, particularly with infectious or genetic causes of pregnancy loss Infertilitymay result despite successful treatment; may be secondary to conditions pre-existing the pregnancy loss P rostaglandin treatmentconsider risks and possible side-effects Spay or ovariohysterectomyindicated for primary disease of the uterus for queens with no breeding value. TREATMENT HEALTH CARE Surgery is the treatment of choice for the primary tumor Surgical removal of the primary tumor and enlarged lymph nodes may prolong survival Radiation may be helpful, but acute and chronic radiation side effects can be moderate to severe Consult a veterinary oncologist for current recommendations Monitor blood calcium levels and manage high levels hypercalcemia , if present DIET Normal diet or as recommended by your pets veterinarian SURGERY Surgical removal resection of the tumor P artial surgical removal to decrease the size debulking of the tumor in cases where the tumor cannot be totally removed Surgical removal or decrease in size of lymph nodes with evidence of metastasis. Limited reports of partial responses to platinum-containing chemotherapeutic compounds in dogscisplatin, carboplatin P ossible role for melphalan after debulking surgery. KEY POINTS Uncommon cancerous tumor malignant neoplasm that developed from glands of the anal sac High rate of spread to other areas of the body metastasis Frequently associated with high blood calcium levels hypercalcemia Surgical removal of the primary tumor and enlarged lymph nodes may prolong survival P rognosis guarded to poor. TREATMENT HEALTH CARE Most bitches should be confined and isolated pending diagnosis Hospitalization of infectious patients preferred Brucella canishighly infective to dogs; bacteria shed in high numbers during abortion; suspected cases should be isolated Outpatient medical managementmedically stable patients with noninfectious causes of pregnancy loss, hormonal disorders, or disease of the lining of the uterus known as endometrial disease P artial abortionmay attempt to salvage any remaining live fetuses; administer antibiotics if a bacterial component is identified Dehydrationuse replacement fluids, supplemented with electrolytes if imbalances are identified by serum biochemistry blood tests ACTIVITY P artial abortioncage rest DIET No special dietary considerations for uncomplicated cases SURGERY Spay or ovariohysterectomypreferred for stable patients with no breeding value. P rostaglandin P GF2 Lutalyse stimulates and evacuates the uterus; also may consider Estrumate cloprostenol not approved for use in dogs; discuss the risks and benefits of treatment with your dogs veterinarian Antibioticsfor bacterial disease; initially institute broad-spectrum antibiotic; specific antibiotic depends on bacterial culture and sensitivity testing of vaginal tissue or postmortem examination of fetus es P rogesterone Regu-Mate or progesterone in oilfor documented cases of insufficient secretion of progesterone female hormone necessary to support pregnancy by the corpora luteum or yellow body hypoluteodism only Oxytocin hormone that stimulates uterine contractions for uterine evacuation; most effective in the first 24 to 48 hours after abortion.

Blackwell’s Five-minute Veterinary Consult Canine and Feline 6th Edition

The most trusted and well-known quick reference available to veterinarians, the updated Fifth Edition continues to provide swift, authoritative answers to every question concerning canine and feline health. More than. Some of those chapters have been retained and updated yet most have been completely replaced, thus making the second edition able to stand as a new text.

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Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline

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