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Metrics details. Ethiopia has made considerable progress in maternal, newborn, and child health in terms of health outcomes and health services coverage. This study examined how different groups have fared in the process.

Causes of maternal death in Ethiopia between 1990 and 2016: systematic review with meta-analysis

Sustainable Development Goals is a post Millennium Development Goal agenda by experts in the world which will be implemented within the next 15 years until It has seventeen goals and targets as a whole where SDG 3 deal with ensuring health lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Sustainable Development Goal 3 has nine targets and four sub targets related with different areas of health. One of the targets target 3. Maternal death is defined as "The death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy, irrespective of the duration and the site of the pregnancy, from any cause related to or aggravated by the pregnancy or its management, but not from accidental or incidental causes.

Health in Ethiopia has improved from the last decades to then through the major achievement in areas of health service delivery by making health system accessible, affordable and acceptable at different level for the beneficiaries and put different efforts to provide quality health services care. The improvement in infrastructure, resource mobilization and leadership and governance in health sector and in the country as a whole have a key contribution for the achievements.

Maternal health is one of the area where an attention given and different efforts and initiatives were being implemented with strong political will and commitment [3] [4]. The primary focus of HSDP is improving the provision of primary health care services to mothers and children and prevention and control of communicable diseases in order to reach the targeted outcome.

Maternal and child health is the major area and target where different efforts and contributions have been made from the beginning of HSDP I.

Furthermore, access to emergency obstetric care in the reduction of maternal death during pregnancy and child birth through provision of Basic and Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care are the areas where special attention has been given and improvements have been observed. There are 25 functional regional blood banks with 30 satellite mobile teams who are collecting the blood from the communities on a daily basis. Community based house hold surveys conducted in Ethiopia indicated that trends of process indicators of maternal health services including reduction of maternal death has been improved over time Table 1.

Maternal Mortality Ration MMR is one of the indicator to be measured every five to tenyears which is difficult to estimate changes in maternal mortality due to use of proximate denominator live born babies instead of number of pregnant women due to impossible ideal calculation of with any certainty especially in low and middle income countries where maternal mortality is very high. However assessment of a number of process indicators are recommended and used to track the changes and improvements.

The common process indicators used are antenatal care coverage, skilled birth attendance, postnatal care and family planning. Maternal health indicators in Ethiopia , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The availability of key health providers particularly midwives and obstetric gynaecologists is very important in provision of maternal health service and in management of complications.

In the number of midwives and obstetricians and gynaecologist was and respectively [11] Ref. State of World Midwifery. At community level it is provided by Health Extension workers focusing on preventive services and promotion of skilled birth attendant. It is supported by community networking and ownership called Health Development Army that improve community ownership and further enable the community to produce and maintain its own health. At this level the major service provided are community mobilization, and awareness creation with some service provision such as contraceptive.

Similar to global situation, the causes of maternal mortality in Ethiopia ranges from Obstructed labour and Postpartum bleeding where access to skilled birth attendant and emergency obstetric care have a crucial role for the survival of women during pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period. Interesting Factors with regard to maternal health in Ethiopia as shown in Table 1 1. There was a progressive improvement in all indicators, except for MMR, from to 2. Despite improvement in the other indicators and skilled human power, MMR escalated from to from to indicating the presence of other important contributing factors to MMR.

Evidences regarding maternal health condition in Ethiopia are available starting from According to the target set for tracking of annual reduction of maternal mortality Ethiopia is categorized under counties who are making progress to achieve the target set for MDG5 byUnited Nation. Having a goal and target initiates to put more efforts to identify barriers to quality maternal health services and address at all level of the health system or achievement of SDG.

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Examining changes in maternal and child health inequalities in Ethiopia

Since , Ethiopia has reduced maternal and child mortality by half, but a maternal mortality rate of per , live births and child mortality rate of 67 per 1, are still too high. Impressive progress has been made with half of women now giving birth in a facility, reducing the risk of death due to complications during delivery. However, ensuring timely arrival and service quality at facilities remains a challenge. Chronic and acute malnutrition also continue to threaten the lives of young children, and make them more vulnerable to other illnesses. Nearly 4 out of every 10 Ethiopian children are stunted from chronic malnutrition due to the lack of nutrient-rich foods or appropriate care and feeding practices. In response, USAID invests in high impact interventions that improve the health and well-being of women, children and families across the country by expanding access to quality health services with a focus on reaching underserved communities. USAID also supports an integrated services approach that expands access to essential health services like antenatal checkups for pregnant women, skilled birth attendance in health facilities, essential newborn care, prevention and treatment of childhood illnesses -- including immunization programs -- and nutrition counseling and support to keep Ethiopian children healthy as they grow up.

Causes of maternal death in Ethiopia between 1990 and 2016: systematic review with meta-analysis

Sustainable Development Goals is a post Millennium Development Goal agenda by experts in the world which will be implemented within the next 15 years until It has seventeen goals and targets as a whole where SDG 3 deal with ensuring health lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Sustainable Development Goal 3 has nine targets and four sub targets related with different areas of health.

Using an equity lens, this study aimed to investigate the social determinants of child health in one particularly vulnerable district as a means of informing the health policy decision-making process. An exploratory qualitative study design was adopted, combining focus group discussions and qualitative interviews. Seven Focus Group Discussions with mothers of young children, and 21 qualitative interviews with health workers were conducted in Wolkayit district in May-June Data were subjected to thematic analysis. However, utilization and practice of these interventions was limited by a range of issues, including cultural factors, financial shortages, limited female autonomy on financial resources, seasonal mobility, and inaccessible or unaffordable health services.

Uptake of Skilled Maternal Healthcare in Ethiopia: A Positive Deviance Approach

A housing probability survey in which women were interviewed was conducted in to detect the incidence and aetiology of maternal mortality in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health

Background: Even though Ethiopia has achieved the Millennium Development Goal targets for child health set for by the international community, it has failed to do so with regard to maternal health. Maternal deaths are still high, with an estimated maternal mortality ratio of maternal deaths per , live births in The causes of maternal death and individual, environmental and health systems related gaps contributing to maternal death in Ethiopia remain unclear. Objectives: The main aim of this study was to document the causes of maternal deaths and risk factors contributing to deaths aggravated by pregnancy and its management in Ethiopia over the period to , using a systematic review with meta-analysis. A comprehensive and reproducible literature search was used, employing the Cochrane systematic literature review technique. A total of articles from online sources and 12 hard copies were identified on the basis of their titles and abstracts. Of these, 24 were found to be suitable for further analysis by applying the review criteria, which were then synthesized to identify the main causes of maternal death, as well as the risk factors affecting the patterns of deaths.

This project aims to support community-based services that will improve maternal health in Ethiopia, a country with some of the worst health indicators in sub-Saharan Africa. Women's use of maternal and child health services has significant gaps between urban and rural areas. Healthy mothers, healthy babies The Government of Ethiopia is committed to improving maternal health. While some key indicators have improved, maternal mortality has not decreased significantly.

for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH), the World Health Organization, mortality. This review provided an opportunity for the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia and other report-LR_31_14_pdf (accessed 20 December ).

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Risk factor approaches are often used when implementing programs aimed at enforcing advantageous health care behaviors.

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