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Women and Gender Studies

Any experimental courses offered by WGS can be found at: registrar. Half semester course. Examines the socialization process in the United States and how our perspectives are formed.

An introduction to patriarchy, sexism, and ally development are explored. Skills to enhance communication and understanding among women and men will be developed. Offered on a satisfactory-fail basis only. Meets U. Diversity Requirement. Introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Women's and Gender Studies.

Contemporary status of women in the U. Analysis of intersection of gender, race, class, and sexuality. Subject matter includes work, health, sexuality, and violence. Foundation for the other courses in the program.

Study of contemporary and historic lesbian cultures and communities from a US and international perspective. Addresses issues of race, class, gender and sexuality as they intersect with the formation of lesbian identities. Attention will be given to race and socioeconomic class. Introduction to research and theory examining the ways gender and sexuality are conveyed through popular culture texts.

Analysis of codes and their influence on the development of identities that shape how we view the world. Discussion of intersectional topics including race and class. Special emphasis on women in development seen in postcolonial context. Meets International Perspectives Requirement. Cross-listed with BIOL. Factors contributing to under-representation; feminist critiques of science; examination of successful strategies. Does not satisfy biology major advanced credit requirements.

Emphasis on stories that embody a female literary life, gender-specific ways of creating characters and conflicts, analytical reading and writing, workshop criticism and shared commentaries. Includes multi-modal projects. Cross-listed with ENV S. Analysis of the economic problems of women and minorities in such areas as earnings, occupations, and unemployment.

Public policy concerning discrimination. Poverty measurement and antipoverty programs in the U. Examination of how understanding and enactment of gender identity is shaped by communication. Verbal and nonverbal communication across various contexts including personal relationships and the media. Explores discourse of social movements aiming to transform cultural definitions of gender.

Prereq: Sophomore classification Survey of how the media and popular culture portray gender and sexualities and the impact on individuals and society. Images of women, men, transgender as well as heterosexual, non-heterosexual and others.

Studies both historical and emerging images in the media in terms of stereotypes and positive images. The demographics and social positions of women and men in the family, education, media, politics, and the economy. Theories of the social-psychological and sociological bases for behavior and attitudes of women and men.

The relationship between gender, class, and race. Theories on gender sociological, psychological, and biological. Particular attention given to theory and research on gender variations among men by race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability and age. Prereq: Sophomore classification Examination of historical and contemporary barriers to and opportunities for women's leadership in a variety of contexts, including professions and public service.

Theories of women's leadership, gender differences in leadership styles, and perceptions and expectations about women's leadership. Multiple perspectives of women's leadership highlighted through lectures, readings, videos, guest speakers and group work.

Prereq: 3 credits in philosophy or women's studies recommended A critical, theoretical examination of the philosophical and intellectual commitments that underlie feminist projects. Questions of identity, knowledge, and ethics will be considered from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

Topics will include sex and gender, self and other, nature and nurture, masculinity and femininity, equity and justice, patriarchy, oppression, and intersectionality.

Focal study of selected global Goddess traditions in context, including American Goddess spirituality. Historical and cross-cultural images, identities, and discourses of female divinity. May include autobiographies, journals, letters, poetry, fiction, and drama. Reviews health-related conditions such as infertility, sexually-transmitted diseases, and complicated pregnancy. Cross-listed with ENGL. Repeatable, maximum of 6 credits. Includes literary, philosophical, and artistic expressions.

Myths and realities explored. Attention to changing definitions and representations of sexual orientation and gender identity over time. Readings, discussions, and papers in English. Topics vary according to faculty interest. Cross-listed with GER. Prereq: Sophomore classification. For fourth credit, 6 credits in German at the level Topics vary according to faculty interest.

Author, genre or period study, women writers, cinema, or contemporary theory. Three credits: English, open to all students. Four credits: Required for German concentration credit, supplementary readings and compositions in German. Cross-listed with SPAN. May not be counted as a prerequisite. Prereq: Any one course in Cl St, W S, Latin, or Greek Chronological and topical survey of the status of women and men, focusing on sex and gender issues in the Ancient Mediterranean world; study of constructs of the female and the feminine.

Readings from ancient and modern sources. Emphasis on ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Prereq: Sophomore classification History of women's relationship to the fields of science, technology, and medicine, as students and professionals, consumers, subjects and patients, family members, workers and citizens.

Concentrates especially on 19th and 20th century United States, concluding with an examination of current issues of special interest to women in science, technology, and medicine. Entry and participation of women in politics in the United States and other countries.

Contemporary issues and strategies for change through the political process. Prereq: Sophomore classification A survey of social, economic, and political aspects of women's role from colonial era to present; emphasis on employment, education, concepts of sexuality, and changing nature of the home. Evolution of the role and office of the First Lady in U. Analysis of the authority, intersectionality, and agency of First Ladies in the aggregate and exploration of how individual First Ladies have interpreted and adapted this unique public position.

Topics in race, class, sexuality, and ethnicity as they are addressed in diverse feminisms. May include readings in lesbian, Black, postcolonial, psychoanalytic and postmodern thought. Class collaborates on a community research and action project to improve women's lives. Explores how inequities are institutionalized and how multiple identities are experienced by women in daily life.

How gender, as well as personal and group identities, is formed through all forms of consumption. Examination of gendered advertising, material goods, and lifestyles created around specific acts of consumption. Explores the interdependence of socio-economic and political aspects of globalization using feminist postcolonial and transnational frameworks. Analyses of case studies and activism in contexts of economic livelihoods, environmental justice, and cross-border migrations.

Topics include Title IX, coaching and administrative challenges for women, media and gender, and issues related to eating disorders, homophobia, and gender identity in sport. Dual-listed with WGS Cross-cultural examination of gender and sexuality. Emphasis on global and transnational perspectives. Topics will include varied gender and sexual expressions, status and roles, intersectionality in global or transnational contexts, and the examination of systems of oppression cross-culturally.

Specific topics indicated in the schedule of classes. The social construction of American sexualities from the colonial era to the present with particular emphasis on how ideas about sex and sexuality have shaped American public life, including education, public policy, party politics, and racial justice.

Prereq: Completion of 9 credits of surveys; junior classification Selected readings of various authors, movements, eras, or genres. Readings in criticism; required research paper. Research on women and leadership in selected content areas e. Following an overview of quantitative and qualitative methods and critical analyses of journal articles on women and leadership, students work individually or in groups in selected content areas to write and present papers.

Prereq: Junior or Senior classification Internship designed to provide an application of Women's and Gender Studies principles and methods in a workplace. To be arranged with an internal or external employer and conducted under the supervision of a member of the Women's Studies faculty.

Issues of gender related to cultural environments from the Middle Ages to contemporary times in Europe and America. Feminist movement beginning in the s and specifically gender issues in art that are becoming widespread in the artistic culture.

Women's and Gender Studies Courses (WGS)

The goals of the program include recognizing gendered individuals of all backgrounds as whole and productive human beings, providing a more accurate and equitable account of human experience, and employing gender as a central category of analysis. Our minor exposes you to the scholarly traditions of history, English, political science, psychology, environmental studies, philosophy, anthropology, and sociology. Read more testimonials. Over the years, this confluence of natural resources has inspired students and faculty from around the world. Recently named the youngest city in Maine, Biddeford and its twin city, Saco, boast an up-and-coming, hip downtown offering delicious eateries, exciting social and cultural events, and more.

Women's and Gender Studies: Introduction — 3 hrs. Interdisciplinary study of women's and gender issues from historical and contemporary perspectives, using the methods and theories of feminist scholarship and gender analysis. Topics may include study of systems of domination and subordination, stereotyping and gender bias, intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, class. Fall and Spring. This class is dedicated to the interrogation of institutions of oppression and the ways that power circulates. We will examine the constructed and essential components of sex, gender, sexuality, and relationships to see how these axes operate in everyday life and in institutions.

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Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Download PDF. Women and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program that involves an interdisciplinary, multicultural, and transnational perspective of gender inequality. Based on the conviction that gender roles are socially constructed through time, the program employs perspectives from disciplines such as history, literature, philosophy, sociology, politics, and psychology to examine how gendered experiences are created and shaped by social and economic institutions, political movements, and individual experiences. The course of study centers on teaching students how to use feminist and social justice frameworks to analyze gender oppression within local, national, and global contexts. The program encourages an analysis of how race, class, sexuality, and nationality influence the construction of gender.

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Welcome to the Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Final Exam. Introduction to Women's Studies draws on feminist ideas and scholarship in developing historical, theoretical and cross-cultural frameworks for the comparative study of women and gender.

WGS160Y1: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies

Buy ebook from VitalSource. The only interdisciplinary introduction to gender studies text on the market. Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach , Second Edition, is a truly interdisciplinary and intersectional text featuring global examples for women's, gender, and sexuality studies.

Any experimental courses offered by WGS can be found at: registrar. Half semester course. Examines the socialization process in the United States and how our perspectives are formed. An introduction to patriarchy, sexism, and ally development are explored.

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Attribution CC BY. The book is quite comprehension, but it lacks depth and case studies to help students understand the significance of and context for terms introduced. It needs to be supplemented with more detailed work on ideas introduced. It does what it does Comprehensiveness rating: 4 see less.

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Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

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