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fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf

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In astrology , certain stars are considered significant. Historically, all of the various heavenly bodies considered by astrologers were considered "stars", whether they were stars , planets , other stellar phenomena like novas and supernovas , or other solar system phenomena like comets and meteors.

Table of 15 Behenian Fixed Stars - Cornelius Agrippa & Hermes Trismegistus.doc

This promises to result in new experiences and applications of our ever-renewing vocation. Based on two workshops conducted by the European astrologer John Frawley, Oscar Hofman has produced a work full of technical surprises and interpretative creativity.

If you have some background in traditional astrology and fixed stars, this book is well worth studying, especially if you apply mythic motifs to your astrological interpretation.

As does the author, I will move from the theoretic and cosmic to practical application. It would be difficult to convey the sparkle of his narrative style as he recounts the stories that relate to stars, constellations, and lunar mansions, or of his applications to the natal charts of famous people.

These alone can make the book a good read, even if you also find theoretical difficulties and inconsistencies. If all this seems a bit too theorical to your practical motivations, feel free to scroll down a bit. Hofman places this distinction within the hierarchical cosmology of antiquity: in the center is Earth and the four elements, outside are the spheres of the planets, then the fixed stars and finally the Empyrean where God lives. The closer to earth the more we are mired in the material; the fixed stars are like a passageway to divinity, or at least greater freedom.

Hofman also makes the distinction between the stars within their constellations, including those corresponding to the signs of the zodiac, and the tropical zodiac itself. Traditional cosmological thinking would take exception to this.

Hofman may be relying on a passage in the Corpus Hermeticum whereby the virtuous individual sheds attributes of the planets on his way up the spheres.

Nor does Dante make the distinction between the realm of the fixed stars and those of the zodiacal signs — indeed he and Beatrice are astride his Sun sign Gemini when interrogated on the nature of the Three Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love. I can recommend a fine book link on the subject. Ancient and medieval sources are somewhat vague on what lies beyond the sphere of the fixed stars: for Dante the Ninth Sphere is the Primum Mobile , establishing the priority of the First Motion diurnal of the Fixed Stars over the Second motion through the zodiac.

Hofman would place the zodiac here. In his depictions many are of this nature. Plotinus would make the same objection to a planet being essentially debilitated: how could Aries be difficult for Saturn or Pisces for Mercury if the zodiac was metaphysically above the moving bodies and fixed stars?

In this context you may ask about the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These are very interesting discussions even if he seems to be measuring them to fit his bed of Procrustes. He does a fine take-down of the precession of the equinoxes producing an Aquarian Age. He brings together nicely a cosmological outlook, mythic motifs and practical applications. You may not agree with some of his assumptions, but he lays out his reasoning clearly and compellingly.

In all systems there are 27 or 28 mansions or places of daily lunar travel that are marked by fixed star positions. This band is analogous to the zodiac that he rightly considers solar in nature. Beyond the seven spheres of the planets, the lunar mansions the eighth sphere, the zodiac the ninth. Since the lunar mansions use a sidereal zodiac, and since that moves through the centuries, where does the first mansion begin?

Why Spica? This important fixed star is affiliated with harvest and the point opposite would signify the beginning of a process.

He depicts 27 lunar mansions using some Vedic mythology but mostly through the filter of the Western traditions. Listing the Lunar Mansions, he gives sidereal positions only, telling the reader to advance 7 degrees and go one sign back. I found myself penciling them into the text for easier reference. One could format both sidereal and current tropical positions while not confusing the reader.

Hofman first depicts 37 constellations with traditional drawings and presents their stories without reference to location in the sky. Oscar Hofman is an expert storyteller and can weave mythic motifs and astrological technique together well. He also picks and chooses among different possibilities from the western tradition and some others. However, Hofman gives no sources or citations that could allow the reader greater access to this material and greater ability to respond critically to his selections.

Alcyone is close to the ecliptic and is a third-magnitude star. He uses a Vedic story in support, according to which these seven are wives of the seven sages of the Great Bear of the circumpolar stars, who were seduced and fell downwards in the sky toward the zodiac, hence the theme of disappointment and being cut off. For easy reference, in italics Hofman summarizes the constellational motifs.

For the Pleiades its theme is disappointments, tears, things going wrong, confrontations with blunt material reality, problems in the family, blindness. Alternative stories are possible within many different traditions. If there are zodiacal positions that interest you, as in your own astrological chart, Hofman gives positions for over a hundred stars in the order of zodiacal degree closest to that star.

Then, with that information, you can check his perspective on the stories and interpretations of that star. Hofman gives over a hundred fixed stars one could use. Since astrologers who apply zodiacal conjunctions with fixed stars use one-degree orbs, his charts will contain more relevant fixed star position.

One should consider latitude the farther from the ecliptic the less important and magnitude. If two stars are close to the same position, consider first the more dominant star or the one closest in zodiacal position. As you can see from the accompanying chart, Moon at the last degree of Taurus conjuncts Alcyone closely.

This combination of Moon and Alcyone allowed Kahlo to express her suffering through art as a positive effort at emotional stabilization. Hofman also asserts that Kahlo expressed both the Pleaides as the companions of Diana as an independent feminist and the Orion side through her sexual activity.

Except for Jupiter being on Pollux, he interprets Kahlo and her life as unremitting misery. As you have noticed from the chart supplied here, Hofman does not use Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Since the author reframes the meanings of two of these three planets, it would have been interesting to see how he would consider the role of these three.

Hofman tells us how the fixed stars depict some of her difficulties in life. How do they provide the means to gain wisdom, or as Hofman would say, detachment? Frida Kahlo transformed the personal into the universal and, in a very particular way, became a messenger of truth to the world. For stars — or anything else in the natal chart — to be depicted as having spiritual dimensions, one must show how they enhance spiritual development.

This seems more evident in how astrologers write and teach, instead of how they conduct their work with real people and their lives. I would have preferred he use some exemplary individuals, people with a developmental spiritual arc who could have shown us possibilities of specific fixed star placements.

For obvious reasons Hofman has chosen celebrities and individuals we mostly know of. When I encounter the idea of halb — different from hayz — it would be helpful to know where this appears in the literature. An Appendix lists many keywords for various stars and their conjunctions with planets. For the sake of consistency and application of his ideas to the combination of stars and planets, the author should give us his own formulations.

This is not an easy task. This work by Oscar Hofman feels like the first step in a longer process. In the future, another version of this work would be more consistent between overall spiritual vision, reframing stars and constellations within that vision, and applying them consistently to astrological charts.

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The Fixed Stars: Fate or Transcendence?

How do they Whether you are a sidereal astrologer or a tropical astrologer wishing to learn sidereal astrology and explore the fixed stars, the material in this book will expand your awareness of the Greater Heavens. Hofman would place the zodiac here. This method has the longest history and dates to the dawn of Western astrology. It tells us how these houses influence one's life constantly and how the planets, when own these houses, influence individual's life. One of the critical events in Tesla's youth was the death of his elder brother who was killed by a horse.

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The Fixed Stars And Constellations In Astrology

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At the conference I was asked about fixed stars. So with this in mind I have compiled a list of seven things to know about fixed stars! Symbolically therefore they are just as vital and rich with meaning for astrology as the planets and the tropical zodiac signs. Are the brighter stars more important than the dim stars?

Specific fixed stars Aldebaran. If the Moon be with Vega 14 Capricorn , violent death. When I thought of fixed stars, one single degree and a horrible fatalistic meaning came to mind. All you need to do is to enter the details as mentioned here. If Rising: Can be trained in duties of court.

The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology.PDF

Embed Size px x x x x In considering the classification of stars into groups, and the influences attaching to these divisions, it is necessary to include thelunar mansions, which are probably much older than either the constellations or the ordinary solar zodiac now in use.

The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology

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This promises to result in new experiences and applications of our ever-renewing vocation. Based on two workshops conducted by the European astrologer John Frawley, Oscar Hofman has produced a work full of technical surprises and interpretative creativity. If you have some background in traditional astrology and fixed stars, this book is well worth studying, especially if you apply mythic motifs to your astrological interpretation. As does the author, I will move from the theoretic and cosmic to practical application.

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Stars in astrology

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the fixed stars and constellations in astrology pdf

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This book is the distillation of two thousand years of astrological research.



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