Objective Questions On Electrical Measurements And Instrumentation Pdf

objective questions on electrical measurements and instrumentation pdf

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Published: 27.05.2021

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Electrical and electronics measurement mcq pdf

Mechanical Engineering 1. MCQ Practice Tests. Timed Mock Tests. Online Quizzes. Technical Terms. Mechanical Projects. Engineering Notes. Mechanical Interview. Piping Engg. Automobile Engineering 1. Mock Test Level I. Mock Test Level II. Automobile Projects. Automobile Interview. Civil Engineering 1. Mock Tests Level I. Mock Tests Level II. Civil Interview.

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Engineering Metrology Objective Questions Pdf

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Mechanical Engineering 1. MCQ Practice Tests. Timed Mock Tests. Online Quizzes. Technical Terms.

The use of ………….. According to application, instruments can be classified into ………. A …………. For handling greater currents induction wattmeter are used in conjunction with ……………. A moving-coil permanent-magnet instrument can be used as flux-meter by ………………. Induction type single phase energy meters measure electric energy in …….. The resistance in the circuit of the moving coil of a dynamometer should be …….

Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments Objective Questions - Set 08

Ideal for students Dear Readers, Welcome to Metrology and Quality Control multiple choice questions and answers with explanation. Specially developed for the Mechanical Engineering freshers and Engineering Metrology and Measurements is a core subject for mechanical, production, and allied disciplines in all the major universities in India. Although there are a few good books available on metrology, the coverage of topics on mechanical measurements is either scanty or.

100 Most Important MCQ Of Measurement and Instrumentation with explanation

Hysteresis of an instrument means: a The change in the same reading when input is first increased and then decreased b The reliability of the instrument c The repeatability of the insrument d The inaccuracy due to change in temperature. In which part of the scale does the pointer indicate more accurately a In the first third of the cycle b In the first half of the cycle c In about middle of the scale d In the last third of the cycle. For measuring an unknown electrical quantity, select the meter with a Highest range and work down b Lowest range and work up c Middle range and can be work up or down depending d Any of the above.

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