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Dear readers, these C Programming Interview Questions have been designed specially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your interview for the subject of C Programming. It de-refers twice to point to the data held by the designated pointer variable.

C is the general and basic programming language that will create a base for other programming languages. C programming language was designed by Dennis Ritchie in Bells Lab.

Are you looking for bright career in the C Interview Questions? Then we have provided all the necessary things like C Interview Questions Interview Question and Answers on our site page, not only the Question and Answers we have also provided the various job roles in C Interview Questions. In order to clear the C Interview Questions interview in the first attempt one must prepare well on all the topics of C Interview Questions. Question 1. Answer : The function main invokes other functions within it.

Top 100 C Programming Interview Questions & Answers

Despite being almost 50 years old, C is still leading the programming scene from the forefront. The programming language has a wide variety of applications and is also the inspiration for a variety of modern, powerful programming languages, such as Java , C , and Python. Although there are very few job profiles these days that only require a high-level proficiency in C, most programming jobs necessitate a good understanding of the C programming language's fundamental concepts.

So, many programming job interviews involve C Interview questions and answers. Answer : Header files store the definitions and set of rules governing the C programming language's different built-in functions. For instance, the printf and scanf functions are defined in the stdio.

Every header file contains a set of predefined functions, meant to make programming in C simpler. You need to include the specific header file in your C program to be able to use the functions defined in it. When a header file is included twice in a C program, the second one gets ignored. In actual, the , called the include guard, preceding a header file ensures that it is included only once during the compilation process.

Answer: The C language is one of the most commonly used computer programming languages. The language is used by giving step by step instructions, which makes it a procedural language. It is a widely used language that helps carry out systematic programming, lexical variable scope, and recurrent. C language, which is among the most popular languages, had its origin in the early s in America. American computer scientist Dennis M.

Ritchie developed it at Bell Laboratories. Since then, it has served humankind in the best possible manner and has helped in developing several system applications. It is a time-honoured language and has been widely used to develop some of the most significant compilers and kernels. C language is as old as the hills, and most of the modern languages are nothing but an adaptation from the C languages.

Middle — Level Language: As the C language is in the midway of a high-level language and low-level language, it brings together the features of both of them. So this distinctive feature of the language makes it possible to be used for low as well as high-level programming. Answer: As everything has a finite potential, so the C language stands in no exception.

The following are some of the drawbacks of C languages:. Answer: The main function in C language to the inlet to the C program. It is the entry point where the process of execution of the program starts.

When the C program's execution initiates, the control of the program is directed towards the main function. It is mandatory that every C language program has a main function. Although it is the function that indicates the programming process, it is not the first function to be executed.

Answer: In C language, both constant and variable is widely used while designing a program. The major difference is between variables, and constant is that variable can alter its assigned value at any point of the program.

In contrast, the value of the constant remains unaltered during the entire program. The value of the constant is locked during the execution of the program.

For example, pi's value can be set as a constant during the entire course of the program. Answer : Yes, a C program can be compiled even without adding the main function. However, it will not execute without the main function.

Answer : Words that are restricted for general use while writing a program, i. Reserved keywords, also called reserved names, have special meanings, i. The C programming language has the following 32 reserved keywords:. Answer : Global variables are variables with global scope, i. These variables are defined outside a function or code block. Static variables are variables allocated statically, i. It is fixed for the entire run of a program. They can be defined outside as well as inside functions.

Moreover, they can be accessed from anywhere inside the program. Answer : Following are the important differences between static and dynamic modes of memory allocation:. In dynamic memory allocation, memory can be increased while executing the program. However, this is not the case with the static memory allocation where the option of increasing memory during program execution is not available.

Static memory allocation takes place at compile-time , while dynamic memory allocation happens at runtime. Answer : Memory leak happens when a memory created in a heap remains undeleted.

This can lead to additional memory usage and, thus, affect the performance of a program. This is exactly why the issue of memory leak must be addressed.

Answer : while 0 means that the looping conditions will always be false, i. On the opposite, while 1 is an infinite loop. It runs continuously until coming across a break statement mentioned explicitly. Note : Any non-zero integer inside the braces of the while loop will give an infinite loop. For example, while and while 24 will both yield an infinite loop. Answer: The privacy of a protected keyword lies somewhere between the keywords private and public.

If a class is marked as protected, it can be accessed by its member functions, classes derived with public or protected access, privately derived classes and friends of the class that declared these members. Answer: Volatile prevents the compiler from optimizing the variable or object in question. This implies that the compiler has to keep the value of a volatile variable in all the local copies of the variable.

Answer: Delete removes all the objects created by the new expression, i. The array objects are deleted using the [] operator:. Answer: The extern storage specifier helps declare objects that can be used by many source files. It describes a variable that is externally defined. The definition can appear at the beginning of a block or outside a function. There is only one declaration of the extern variable. If any other instance is found, it is considered the same as the first one.

Extern variables can have block scope or file scope depending on where they are defined. Answer: A preprocessor is a program that produces an output which is used by some other program as an input.

For example, translation is a preprocessing step after which the code is sent for compilation. Answer: To control a program from outside, we supply the command line argument parameter to the program when the main method is invoked. The syntax is:. Question: List out the differences between reference and Pointer? Must be initialized upon declaration, i. No need for initialization during declaration itself, i.

Shares same memory address as the original variable and takes up some space on the stack. Read in detail about OOPs concepts. Answer: There are two types of Polymorphism, i.

Method overloading is an example of static polymorphism and method overriding is an example of dynamic polymorphism. Note that the function to be called is decided during compile time.

If we want to use a namespace in the current region, we use the keyword using as follows: using namespace myNmspace;. Answer: A pointer stores the address of a variable. This will store the address of x into y. A void pointer is used to store the address of any type of variable. It can be created as:. For example,. Memory is allocated with default values through constructor. Answer: Delete removes a single object from memory, whereas delete[] is used for de-allocating memory of an array of objects.

The remaining 9 items will not be deleted. This will cause a memory leak. Answer : In prefix increment, the value of the variable is incremented before the program execution. The variable is incremented post the program execution in postfix increment. As per another definition, a dangling pointer is a pointer that points to a dereferenced memory location. A pointer acts as a dangling pointer in three cases:. Initially, the dangling pointer holds a valid memory address.

Later, however, the held address is released. When A pointer is pointing to a memory location, and a B pointer deletes the memory occupied by the A pointer, then the A pointer still points to the memory location, which is no longer available.

This is called the dangling pointer problem. Generally, NULL pointers do not point to a valid location.

C Programming Interview Questions

There are actually two ways you can do this. Likewise, the statement "x --" means to decrement the value of x by 1. When using Call by Value, you are sending the value of a variable as parameter to a function, whereas Call by Reference sends the address of the variable. Also, under Call by Value, the value in the parameter is not affected by whatever operation that takes place, while in the case of Call by Reference, values can be affected by the process within the function. How does this aid in debugging? The idea is that if the code is in fact correct, you simply remove the comment symbols and continue on. It also saves you time and effort on having to retype the codes if you have deleted it in the first place.

The answer is infact undefined , and depends on the compiler being used. Some compilers will result in 16 and 20 , while others will produce 16 and However, macros are processed by the preprocessor, a step that takes place before actual compilation begins. Expanding the second macro will show what actually gets compiled:. This article discusses this behavior further. The function gets reads characters from the stdin and stores them at the provided input buffer.

The imperative, object-oriented programming language is widely used as a general-purpose programming language. The full form of OOPS is an Object-Oriented Programming System, which means a paradigm that provides an application of various concepts, including data binding, polymorphism, inheritance, and various others. Answer: Class is referred to as the designing of the user-defined data type. It reflects the different entities, attributes, and actions. Answer: Object is an instance of the class.

C Programming Interview Questions

C is a mid-level and procedural programming language. The Procedural programming language is also known as the structured programming language is a technique in which large programs are broken down into smaller modules, and each module uses structured code. This technique minimizes error and misinterpretation.

50+ Best C Interview Questions

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C Interview Questions

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Top C Programming Interview Questions you Need to Master in 2021

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Despite being almost 50 years old, C is still leading the programming scene from the forefront.

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