We have found wonderful homes...
Won't you adopt a thoroughbred to share the winners circle with us?
Dolly                                                         adopted 2007
"Dolly" was once a winning race horse at Portland Meadows. When we rescued her from inexperienced first-time horse owners who had nearly starved her to death, she could barely walk. She was shivering violently, her coat was matted with mud, her hooves were untended, and her belly was covered with sores and scabs. The only horse at the end of a secluded cul-de-sac behind a very luxurious home, Dolly somehow survived there for two years. Her story is not unique. Her gratitude and complete recovery is why we do what we do for as many as we can.
Kirby                                                         adopted 2007
"Kirby" is a gorgeous and well-bred 4 year old gelding who simply was not going to stand up to the physical demands of racing. He is very sweet, adaptable, willing to learn and eager to please. Kirby will excel as an equitation horse and, with birthdays and training, has the mind and scope to be a Medal Horse or A/A Jumper. He is too sensitive for a beginner. Kirby needs at least an advanced intermediate rider affiliated with a trainer that will oversee his progress.
Princess                                                    adopted 2008
"The Princess" was unsuccessful as a race horse. Her owner/breeder sold her to someone who promised to care for her forever, but she was subsequently resold to another novice horse owner. She came to Chez Chevaux three hundred pounds underweight. Her hind legs were mostly devoid of hair and skin. Happily, she healed beautifully. Six months later she carried a rider nicely over fences at her first horse show.
In Memoriam

Sabino Slew

We were honored to know this gentle giant.