Chez Chevaux welcomes donations of usuable and saleable merchandise.  Just because an item isn't "horse" or equine related doesn't mean it can't be used by our organization.  We are always collecting items that can be used as fundraising items.  Certain items such as vehicles, may require appraisal documentation prior to the issuance of a donation receipt.

Daily use items for Chez Chevaux include:
Hay and feed
Horse blankets
Straw and clean stall bedding
Barn equipment such as buckets, shovels, hoses and wheelbarrels
Tack such as, halters, leads, saddle pads, saddles and bridles
Grooming supplies
Office supplies including copier paper and ink jet ink
Mac computer/laptop and periphrials
General construction supplies such as tools, wood and fencing

Gift certificates or cards

We are always open to suggestions and items.